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The Origin of Evil

Hoffman's portrait of ChristPart 57 of the Aquarian Gospel for Awakening

Just conceptions of God and man
A feast in honor of the magian God was being held, and many men were gathered in Persepolis. And on the great day of the feast the ruling magian master said, Within these sacred walls is liberty; whoever wills to speak may speak.

“And Jesus, standing in the midst of all the people, said, My brothers, sisters, children of our Father-God: Most blest are you among the sons of men today, because you have such just conceptions of the Holy One and man” (Aquarian Gospel 39:1-4).

I once heard the phrase: “Man’s inhumanity to God,” and years ago I had a small book called Think Well of God, written by a cleric of a church which has trafficked for centuries in threats of hell and damnation, especially fond of talking about incurring the wrath of God and “losing the friendship of God.” He was doing his best to counteract the damage done for so long, but considering his book is long out of print I can only assume that God as a Big Stick has remained the preferred usage in his church. It is no joke: believers can be far more blasphemous of God than unbelievers.

The only just conception of God and man is that of their fundamental unity–even identity–an understanding that it is their nature to be in total harmony with one another, for God to dwell in man and man to dwell in God. This is certainly the viewpoint of Jesus.

Purity in worship and life

“Your purity in worship and in life is pleasing unto God; and to your master, Zarathustra, praise is due” (Aquarian Gospel 39:5).

Purity is needed in both belief and deed, for impure belief will eventually produce impure action, and impure acts will corrupt the mind and thereby in time corrupt our beliefs. This is why sincerity alone is not sufficient in spiritual life, even though it is impossible to be truly spiritual without sincerity, which is a form of truthfulness.


“Well say you all, There is one God from whose great being there came forth the seven Spirits that created heaven and earth; and manifest unto the sons of men are these great Spirits in the sun, and moon, and stars” (Aquarian Gospel 39:6).

The One and the Seven have already been covered earlier, the only new fact here being that the distinctive powers of the Seven are manifested in and through the radiations of the sun and planets. This used to be held by astrologers in Europe–that the powers of the seven Archangels were conveyed by the planets, and planetary configurations were interpreted as angelic influences. Life was looked upon as a weaving together of angelic influences, and astrology was primarily a spiritual science, the life being looked upon as totally supernatural. This changed at the advent of “rationalism” and the “Enlightenment,” so that astrology now only tells us about external factors as though they were the real causes rather than the incidental effects.

Evil born of Good?

“But in your sacred books we read that two among these seven are of superior strength; that one of these created all the good; the other one created all that evil is. I pray you, honored masters, tell me how that evil can be born of that which is all good?

“A magus rose and said, If you will answer me, your problem will be solved. We all do recognize the fact that evil is. Whatever is, must have a cause, If God, the One, made not this evil, then, where is the God who did?” (Aquarian Gospel 39:7-10).

Outside India this was a prevailing dilemma.

Understanding evil

“And Jesus said, Whatever God, the One, has made is good, and like the great first Cause, the seven Spirits all are good, and everything that comes from their creative hands is good.

“Now, all created things have colors, tones and forms their own; but certain tones, though good and pure themselves, when mixed, produce inharmonies, discordant tones. And certain things, though good and pure, when mixed, produce discordant things, yea, poisonous things, that men call evil things. So evil is the inharmonious blending of the colors, tones, or forms of good.

“Now, man is not all-wise, and yet has will his own. He has the power, and he uses it, to mix God’s good things in a multitude of ways, and every day he makes discordant sounds, and evil things. And every tone and form, be it of good, or ill, becomes a living thing, a demon, sprite, or spirit of a good or vicious kind” (Aquarian Gospel 39:11-16).

Two points are made here: that “evil” is only a misapplication or distortion of good, and that many evil forces or entities are really only thoughtform creations of human beings.

Fear of evil

“Man makes his evil thus; and then becomes afraid of him and flees; his devil is emboldened, follows him away and casts him into torturing fires. The devil and the burning fires are both the works of man, and none can put the fires out and dissipate the evil one, but man who made them both” (Aquarian Gospel 39:17, 18).

This is absolutely necessary for us to understand. The sole problem is human ignorance and wrong action. All the evil in our life comes from us and must be dealt with by us. We must remit our own sins through purification of our consciousness. Whining before God accomplishes nothing but reinforcement of our mistaken ideas about evil–and about ourselves. We must “save” ourselves. God has given us the means to do this through the teachings of the great sages. Our task is to learn and apply those teachings. Then all will be well.

Entering the inner realm

“Then Jesus stood aside, and not a magus answered him. And he departed from the throng and went into a secret place to pray” (Aquarian Gospel 39:19, 20).

There is a lot of talk in metaphysical circles about a balanced life. Jesus shows us what that really means. Whenever he engaged in intense teaching or other external activity he would withdraw by himself and engage in equally intense meditation. This is needful for those who would ascend to divine awareness. No one is exempt, not even the great masters. Meditation is the basis for meaningful life.

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The Aquarian Gospel—Commentary and Text

The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening—A Commentary on the Aquarian Gospel
by Swami Nirmalananda Giri (Abbot George Burke)

  1. The Mother of Jesus
  2. Prophecies of the Births of Saint John the Baptist and Jesus
  3. The Birth of Jesus
  4. Revelations in the Temple
  5. Coming of the Wise Men
  6. Herod’s Reaction
  7. Revelations in Egypt
  8. The Two Selfs
  9. Deliverance From Gods and Demons
  10. About God the Tao
  11. From India to Chaldea
  12. The Wisdom of Buddha
  13. God and Prayer
  14. The Mission of Jesus and John the Baptist
  15. Sin and the Forgiveness of Sin
  16. The Universal Law of Man’s Free Will and the Divine Will For Man
  17. Understanding Death
  18. The True Teacher
  19. The Value of Ritual
  20. The Law Behind All Laws
  21. Opening To The Truth
  22. In the Temple at the Age of Ten
  23. Revelation to the Teachers and People in the Temple
  24. Jerusalem to Nazareth
  25. Nazareth to India
  26. What is Truth?
  27. What Is Man?
  28. What is Power?
  29. Understanding
  30. Wisdom
  31. Faith
  32. Healing and Healers
  33. Conflict Over Caste
  34. The Destiny of All Men
  35. God and Man
  36. The Voice in the Heart
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  38. To God Through Man
  39. Who Is Jesus?
  40. The Real Versus The Apparent
  41. The Brotherhood of Life
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  43. Relating To God
  44. The Worthy Host
  45. Come to the Light
  46. The Kingdom Revealed
  47. The King Revealed
  48. Perspective On Death
  49. Fire and Sword
  50. Evolution: The Path of Glory
  51. The Real Heaven
  52. Getting to the Essence
  53. New Perspective on Religion
  54. In Tibet and Ladakh
  55. Words to the Worthy
  56. The Thirty-Eighth Chapter
  57. The Origin of Evil
  58. The Silence
  59. The Source of Healing
  60. The Fivefold Gospel
  61. Homecoming
  62. In Athens
  63. The Oracle of Delphi
  64. The Real God
  65. Return to Egypt
  66. First Steps to Wisdom
  67. Strong in Will and Intent
  68. Here Comes the Ego
  69. Blessed are the Merciful
  70. Claiming Our Freedom
  71. The Great Test
  72. Comprehending Death
  73. The Christ!
  74. The Asembly of the Masters
  75. The Seven Pillars of the Aquarian Age – I
  76. The Seven Pillars of the Aquarian Age – II
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  80. John the Baptist – III
  81. Baptism – Jesus and John
  82. Self-Examination and Temptation
  83. The First Disciples Follow Jesus
  84. Jesus’ First Sermon
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  86. Dealing With Challengers
  87. The First Miracle of Jesus
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  89. The Temple of God
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  92. Nicodemus Finds The Kingdom
  93. The Prince of Peace
  94. Dealing With Spiritual Opposition
  95. The Opened Gate
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  97. John Speaks Further About Jesus
  98. The Woman at the Well
  99. The Disciples and Samaritans at the Well
  100. Jesus in Sychar
  101. More Wisdom In Samaria
  102. The Imprisonment of John the Baptist
  103. In Jerusalem
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  105. Sabbath Wisdom
  106. Prayer and Good Deeds
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  108. A New Understanding of the Ten Commandments
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  184. Chapter One Hundred Seventy Two
  185. Chapter One Hundred Seventy Three
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  187. Chapter One Hundred Seventy Five
  188. Chapter One Hundred Seventy Six
  189. Chapter One Hundred Seventy Seven
  190. Chapter One Hundred Seventy Eight
  191. Chapter One Hundred Seventy Nine
  192. Chapter One Hundred Eighty
  193. Chapter One Hundred Eighty One
  194. Chapter One Hundred Eighty Two

The Text of the Aquarian Gospel—by Levi Dowling

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