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Part 8 of the Aquarian Gospel: The Christine Ministry of Jesus–The First Annual Epoch

Hoffman's Christ in WhiteThe Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
Transcribed from The Book of God’s Remembrance (Akashic Records)
by Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911)

––– Continued –––


The Christine Ministry of Jesus–Introductory Epoch

Jesus goes to the wilderness for self-examination, where he remains forty days. Is subjected to three temptations.  He overcomes.  Returns to the camps of John and begins teaching.

THE harbinger had paved the way; the Logos had been introduced to men as love made manifest, and he must now begin his Christine ministry.
2. And he went forth into the wilderness to be alone with God that he might look into his inner heart, and note its strength and worthiness.
3. And with himself he talked; he said, My lower self is strong; by many ties I am bound down to carnal life.
4. Have I the strength to overcome and give my life a willing sacrifice for men?
5. When I shall stand before the face of men, and they demand a proof of my messiahship, what will I say?
6. And then the tempter came and said, If you be son of God, command these stones to turn to bread.
7. And Jesus said, Who is it that demands a test? It is no sign that one is son of God because he does a miracle; the devils can do mighty things.
8. Did not the black magicians do great things before the Pharaohs?
9. My words and deeds in all the walks of life shall be the proof of my messiahship.
10. And then the tempter said, If you will go into Jerusalem, and from the temple pinnacle cast down yourself to earth, the people will believe that you are the Messiah sent from God.
11. This you can surely do; for did not David say, He gives his angels charge concerning you, and with their will they uphold lest you should fall?
12. And Jesus said, I may not tempt the Lord, my God.
13. And then the tempter said, Look forth upon the world; behold its honors and its fame! Behold its pleasures and its wealth!
14. If you will give your life for these they shall be yours.
15. But Jesus said, Away from me all tempting thoughts. My heart is fixed; I spurn this carnal self with all its vain ambition and its pride.
16. For forty days did Jesus wrestle with his carnal self; his higher self prevailed. He then was hungry, but his friends had found him and they ministered to him.
17. Then Jesus left the wilderness and in the consciousness of Holy Breath, he came unto the camps of John and taught.

Six of John’s disciples follow Jesus and become his disciples.  He teaches them. They sit in the Silence.

AMONG the followers of John were many men from Galilee. The most devout were Andrew, Simon, James, and John, with Philip and his brother of Bethsaida.
2. One day as Andrew, Philip and a son of Zebedee, were talking with the harbinger, the Logos came, and John exclaimed, Behold the Christ!
3. And then the three disciples followed Jesus, and he asked, What do you seek?
4. And the disciples asked, Where do you live? And Jesus answered, Come and see.
5. And Andrew called his brother Simon, saying, Come with me, for I have found the Christ.
6. When Jesus looked in Simon’s face he said, Behold a rock! and Peter is your name.
7. And Philip found Nathaniel sitting by a tree, and said, My brother, come with me, for I have found the Christ! In Nazareth he abides.
8. Nathaniel said, Can anything of good come out of Nazareth? And Philip answered, Come and see.
9. When Jesus saw Nathaniel come he said, Behold an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile!
10. Nathaniel said, How can you speak about me thus?
11. And Jesus said, I saw you as you sat beneath the fig tree over there, before your brother called.
12. Nathaniel lifted up his hands and said, This surely is the Christ, the king, for whom the harbinger has often testified.
13. And John went forth and found his brother James, and brought him to the Christ.
14. The six disciples went with Jesus to the place where he abode.
15. And Peter said, We long have sought for Christ. We came from Galilee to John; we thought that he was Christ, but he confessed to us that he was not;
16. That he was but the harbinger sent forth to clear the way, and make the pathway easy for the coming king; and when you came he said, Behold the Christ!
17. And we would gladly follow where you go. Lord, tell us what to do.
18. And Jesus said, The foxes of the earth have homes, the birds have nests; I have no place to lay my head.
19. He who would follow me must give up all cravings of the self and lose his life in saving life.
20. I come to save the lost, and man is saved when he is rescued from himself. But men are slow to comprehend this doctrine of the Christ.
21. And Peter said, I cannot speak for any other man, but for myself I speak: I will leave all and follow where you lead.
22. And then the others spoke and said, You have the words of truth; you came from God, and if we follow in your footsteps we cannot miss the way.
23. Then Jesus and the six disciples sat a long, long time in silent thought.

Jesus visits John at the Jordan.  Delivers his first Christine address to the people. The address.  He goes with his disciples to Bethany.

NOW, on the morrow Jesus came again and stood with John beside the ford; and John prevailed on him to speak, and standing forth he said.
2. You men of Israel, Hear! The kingdom is at hand.
3. Behold the great key-keeper of the age stands in your midst; and with the spirit of Elijah he has come.
4. Behold, for he has turned the key; the mighty gates fly wide and all who will may greet the king.
5. Behold these multitudes of women, children, men! they throng the avenues, they crowd the outer courts; each seems to be intent to be the first to meet the king.
6. Behold, the censor comes and calls, Whoever will may come; but he who comes must will to prune himself of every evil thought;
7. Must overcome desire to gratify the lower self; must give his life to save the lost.
8. The nearer to the kingdom gate you come, more spacious is the room; the multitudes have gone.
9. If men could come unto the kingdom with their carnal thoughts, their passions and desires, there scarcely would be room for all.
10. But when they cannot take these through the narrow gate they turn away; the few are ready to go in and see the king.
11. Behold, John is a mighty fisher, fishing for the souls of men. He throws his great net out into the sea of human life; he draws it in and it is full.
12. But what a medley catch! a catch of crabs, and lobsters, sharks and creeping things, with now and then a fish of better kind.
13. Behold the thousands come to hear the Wild Man of the hills; they come in crowds that he may wash them in the crystal flood, and with their lips they do confess their sins.
14. But when the morrow comes we find them in their haunts of vice again, reviling John, and cursing God, and heaping insults on the king.
15. But blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the king.
16. And blessed are the strong in heart, for they shall not be cast about by every wind that blows;
17. But while the fickle and the thoughtless have gone back to Egypt land for leeks and carnal herbs to satisfy their appetites, the pure in heart have found the king.
18. But even those whose faith is weak, and who are naught but carnal manifests, will some day come again, and enter in with joy to see the king.
19. O men of Israel, take heed to what this prophet has to say! Be strong in mind; be pure in heart; be vigilant in helpfulness; the kingdom is at hand.
20. When Jesus had thus said he went his way, and with his six disciples came to Bethany; and they abode with Lazarus many days.

Jesus speaks to the people in Bethany.  Tells them how to become pure in heart. Goes to Jerusalem and in the temple reads from a prophetic book.  Goes to Nazareth.

THE news soon spread abroad that Jesus, king of Israel, had come to Bethany, and all the people of the town came forth to greet the king.
2. And Jesus, standing in the midst of them, exclaimed, Behold, indeed, the king has come, but Jesus is not king.
3. The kingdom truly is at hand; but men can see it not with carnal eyes; they cannot see the king upon the throne.
4. This is the kingdom of the soul; its throne is not an earthly throne; its king is not a man.
5. When human kings found kingdoms here, they conquer other kings by force of arms; one kingdom rises on the ruins of another one.
6. But when our Father-God sets up the kingdom of the soul, he pours his blessings forth, like rain, upon the thrones of earthly kings who rule in righteousness.
7. It is not rule that God would overthrow; his sword is raised against injustice, wantonness and crime.
8. Now, while the kings of Rome do justice, and love mercy and walk humbly with their God, the benediction of the Triune God will rest upon them all.
9. They need not fear a messenger whom God sends forth to earth.
10. I am not sent to sit upon a throne to rule as Caesar rules; and you may tell the ruler of the Jews that I am not a claimant for his throne.
11. Men call me Christ, and God has recognized the name; but Christ is not a man. The Christ is universal love, and Love is king.
12. This Jesus is but man who has been fitted by temptations overcome, by trials multiform, to be the temple through which Christ can manifest to men.
13. Then hear, you men of Israel, hear! Look not upon the flesh; it is not king. Look to the Christ within, who shall be formed in every one of you, as he is formed in me.
14. When you have purified your hearts by faith, the king will enter in, and you will see his face.
15. And then the people asked, What must we do that we may make our bodies fit abiding places for the king?
16. And Jesus said, Whatever tends to purity in thought, and word, and deed will cleanse the temple of the flesh.
17. There are no rules that can apply to all, for men are specialists in sin; each has his own besetting sin,
18. And each must study for himself how he can best transmute his tendency to evil things to that of righteousness and love.
19. Until men reach the higher plane, and get away from selfishness, this rule will give the best results:
20. Do unto other men what you would have them do to you.
21. And many of the people said, We know that Jesus is the Christ, the king who was to come, and blessed be his name.
22. Now, Jesus and his six disciples turned their faces toward Jerusalem, and many people followed them.
23. But Matthew, son of Alpheus, ran on before, and when he reached Jerusalem, he said, Behold the Christines come! The multitudes came forth to see the king.
24. But Jesus did not speak to any one until he reached the temple court, and then he opened up a book and read:
25. Behold, I send my messenger, and he will pave the way, and Christ, for whom you wait, will come unto his temple unannounced. Behold, for he will come, says God, the Lord of hosts.
26. And then he closed the book; he said no more; he left the temple halls, and with his six disciples, went his way to Nazareth,
27. And they abode with Mary, Jesus’ mother, and her sister, Miriam.

Jesus and the ruler of the synagogue of Nazareth.  Jesus teaches not in public, and the people are amazed.

NEXT day as Peter walked about in Nazareth, he met the ruler of the synagogue who asked, Who is this Jesus lately come to Nazareth?
2. And Peter said, This Jesus is the Christ of whom our prophets wrote; he is the king of Israel. His mother, Mary, lives on Marion Way.
3. The ruler said, Tell him to come up to the synagogue, for I would hear his plea.
4. And Peter ran and told to Jesus what the ruler said; but Jesus answered not; he went not to the synagogue.
5. Then in the evening time the ruler came up Marmion Way, and in the home of Mary found he Jesus and his mother all alone.
6. And when the ruler asked for proof of his messiahship, and why he went not to the synagogue when he was bidden, Jesus said,
7. I am not slave to any man; I am not called unto this ministry by priest. It is not mine to answer when men call. I come the Christ of God; I answer unto God alone.
8. Who gave you right to ask for proof of my messiahship? My proof lies in my words and works, and so if you will follow me you will not lack for proof.
9. And then the ruler went his way; he asked himself, What manner of a man is this to disregard the ruler of the synagogue?
10. The people of the town came out in throngs to see the Christ, and hear him speak; but Jesus said,
11. A prophet has no honor in his native town, among his kin.
12. I will not speak in Nazareth until the words I speak, and works I do in other towns, have won the faith of men.
13. Until men know that God has christed me to manifest eternal love.
14. Good will to you, my kin; I bless you with a boundless love, and I bespeak for you abundant joy and happiness.
15. He said no more, and all the people marvelled much because he would not speak in Nazareth.

Jesus and his disciples at a marriage feast in Cana.  Jesus speaks on marriage. He turns water into wine.  The people are amazed.

IN Cana, Galilee, there was a marriage feast, and Mary and her sister Miriam, and Jesus and his six disciples were among the guests.
2. The ruler of the feast had heard that Jesus was a master sent from God, and he requested him to speak.
3. And Jesus said, There is no tie more sacred than the marriage tie.
4. The chain that binds two souls in love is made in heaven, and man can never sever it in twain.
5. The lower passions of the twain may cause a union of the twain, a union as when oil and water meet.
6. And then a priest may forge a chain, and bind the twain. This is not marriage genuine; it is a counterfeit.
7. The twain are guilty of adultery; the priest is party to the crime. And that was all that Jesus said.
8. As Jesus stood apart in silent thought his mother came and said to him, The wine has failed; what shall we do?
9. And Jesus said, Pray what is wine? It is but water with the flavoring of grapes.
10. And what are grapes? They are but certain kinds of thought made manifest, and I can manifest that thought, and water will be wine.
11. He called the servants, and he said to them, Bring in six water pots of stone, a pot for each of these, my followers, and fill them up with water to the brims.
12. The servants brought the water pots, and filled them to their brims.
13. And Jesus with a mighty thought stirred up the ethers till they reached the manifest, and, lo, the water blushed, and turned to wine.
14. The servants took the wine and gave it to the ruler of the feast who called the bridegroom in and said to him,
15. This wine is best of all; most people when they give a feast bring in the best wine at first; but, lo, you have reserved the best until last.
16. And when the ruler and the guests were told that Jesus, by the power of thought, had turned the water into wine, they were amazed;
17. They said, This man is more than man; he surely is the christed one who prophets of the olden times declared would come.
18. And many of the guests believed on him, and gladly would have followed him.

Jesus, his six disciples and his mother, go to Capernaum.  Jesus teaches the people, revealing the difference between the kings of earth and the kings of heaven.

THE city of Capernaum was by the sea of Galilee, and Peter’s home was there. The homes of Andrew, John and James were near,
2. These men were fishermen, and must return to tend their nets, and they prevailed on Jesus and his mother to accompany them, and soon with Philip and Nathaniel they were resting by the sea in Peter’s home.
3. The news spread through the city and along the shore that Judah’s king had come, and multitudes drew near to press his hand.
4. And Jesus said, I cannot show the king, unless you see with eyes of soul, because the kingdom of the king is in the soul.
5. And every soul a kingdom is. There is a king for every man.
6. This king is love, and when this love becomes the greatest power in life, it is the Christ; so Christ is king.
7. And every one may have this Christ dwell in his soul, as Christ dwells in my soul.
8. The body is the temple of the king, and men may call a holy man a king.
9. He who will cleanse his mortal form and make it pure, so pure that love and righteousness may dwell unsullied side by side within its walls, is king.
10. The kings of earth are clothed in royal robes, and sit in state that men may stand in awe of them.
11. A king of heaven may wear a fisher’s garb; may sit in mart of trade; may till the soil, or be a gleaner in the field; may be a slave in mortal chains;
12. May be adjudged a criminal by men; may languish in a prison cell; may die upon a cross.
13. Men seldom see what others truly are. The human senses sense what seems to be, and that which seems to be and that which is, may be diverse in every way.
14. The carnal man beholds the outer man, which is the temple of the king, and worships at his shrine.
15. The man of God is pure in heart; he sees the king; he sees with eyes of soul:
16. And when he rises to the plane of Christine consciousness, he knows that he himself is king, is love, is Christ, and so is son of God.
17. You men of Galilee, prepare to meet your king.
18. And Jesus taught the people many lessons as he walked with them beside the sea.


The First Annual Epoch of the Christine Ministry of Jesus

Jesus in Jerusalem.  Drives the merchants out of the temple. The priests resent, and he defends himself from the standpoint of a loyal Jew.  He speaks to the people.

THE Jewish paschal feast time came and Jesus left his mother in Capernaum and journeyed to Jerusalem.
2. And he abode with one a Sadducee, whose name was Jude.
3. And when he reached the temple courts the multitudes were there to see the prophet whom the people thought had come to break the yoke of Rome, restore the kingdom of the Jews, and rule on David’s throne.
4. And when the people saw him come they said, All hail! behold the king!
5. But Jesus answered not; he saw the money changers in the house of God, and he was grieved.
6. The courts had been converted into marts of trade, and men were selling lambs and doves for offerings in sacrifice.
7. And Jesus called the priests and said, Behold, for paltry gain you have sold out the temple of the Lord.
8. This house ordained for prayer is now a den of thieves. Can good and evil dwell together in the courts of God? I tell you, no.
9. And then he made a scourge of cords and drove the merchants out; he overturned their boards, and threw their money on the floor.
10. He opened up the cages of the captive birds, and cut the cords that bound the lambs, and set them free.
11. The priests and scribes rushed out, and would have done him harm, but they were driven back; the common people stood in his defense.
12. And then the rulers said, Who is this Jesus you call king?
13. The people said, He is the Christ of whom our prophets wrote; he is the king who will deliver Israel.
14. The rulers said to Jesus, Man, if you be king, or Christ, then show us signs. Who gave you right to drive these merchants out?
15. And Jesus said, There is no loyal Jew who would not give his life to save this temple from disgrace; in this I acted simply as a loyal Jew, and you yourselves will bear me witness to this truth.
16. The signs of my messiahship will follow me in words and deeds.
17. And you may tear the temple down (and you will tear it down. and in three days it will be built again more glorious than before.
18. Now Jesus meant that they might take his life; tear down his body, temple of the Holy Breath, and he would rise again.
19. The Jews knew not the meaning of his words; they laughed his claims to scorn. They said,
20. A multitude of men were forty and six years in building up this house, and this young stranger claims that he will build it up in three score hours; his words are idle, and his claims are naught.
21. And then they took the scourge with which he drove the merchants out, and would have driven him away; but Philo, who had come from Egypt to attend the feast, stood forth and said,
22. You men of Israel, hear! This man is more than man; take heed to what you do. I have, myself, heard Jesus speak, and all the winds were still.
23. And I have seen him touch the sick, and they were healed. He stands a sage above the sages of the world;
24. And you will see his star arise, and it will grow until it is the full-orbed Sun of Righteousness.
25. Do not be hasty, men; just wait and you will have the proofs of his messiahship.
26. And then the priests laid down the scourge, and Jesus said,
27. Prepare, O Israel, prepare to meet your king! But you can never see the king while you press sin as such a precious idol to your hearts.
28. The king is God; the pure in heart alone can see the face of God and live.
29. And then the priests cried out, This fellow claims to be the God. Is not this sacrilege! away with him!
30. But Jesus said, No man has ever heard me say, I am a king. Our Father-God is king. With every loyal Jew I worship God.
31. I am the candle of the Lord aflame to light the way; and while you have the light walk in the light.

Jesus again visits the temple, and is favorably received by the people. Tells the parable of a king and his sons.  Defines messiahship.

NEXT day the multitudes were surging through the temple courts, intent on hearing Jesus speak.
2. And when he came the people said, All hail! behold the king!
3. And Jesus spoke a parable; he said, A king had vast domains; his people all were kin, and lived in peace.
4. Now, after many years the king said to his people, Take these lands and all I have; enhance their values; rule yourselves, and live in peace.
5. And then the people formed their states; selected governors and petty kings.
6. But pride, ambition, selfish greed, and base ingratitude grew fast, and kings began to war.
7. They wrote in all their statute books that might is right; and then the strong destroyed the weak, and chaos reigned through all the vast domain.
8. A long time passed, and then the king looked out on his domain. He saw his people in their cruel wars; he saw them sick and sore distressed; he saw the strong enslave the weak,
9. And then he said, What shall I do? Shall I send forth a scourge? shall I destroy my people all?
10. And then his heart was stirred with pity and he said, I will not send a scourge; I will send forth my only son, heir to the throne, to teach the people love, and peace, and righteousness.
11. He sent his son; the people scorned him and maltreated him, and nailed him to a cross.
12. He was entombed; but death was far too weak to hold the prince, and he arose.
13. He took a form man could not kill; and then he went again to teach the people love, and peace and righteousness.
14. And thus God deals with men.
15. A lawyer came and asked, What does messiah mean? and who has right to make messiah of a man?
16. And Jesus said, Messiah is one sent from God to seek and save the lost. Messiahs are not made by men.
17. In first of every age Messiah comes to light the way; to heal up broken hearts; to set the prisoners free. Messiah and the Christ are one.
18. Because a man claims to be Christ is not a sign that he is Christ.
19. A man may cause the streams to flow from flinty rocks; may bring storms at will; may stay tempestuous winds; may heal the sick and raise the dead, and not be sent from God.
20. All nature is subservient to the will of man, and evil men, as well as good, have all the powers of mind, and may control the elements.
21. The head gives not the proof of true messiahship, for man by means of intellect, can never know of God, nor bring himself to walk in light.
22. Messiah lives not in the head, but in the heart, the seat of mercy and of love.
23. Messiah never works for selfish gains; he stands above the carnal self; his words and deeds are for the universal good.
24. Messiah never tries to be a king, to wear a crown and sit upon an earthly throne.
25. The king is earthy, of the earth; Messiah is the man from heaven.
26. And then the lawyer asked, Why do you pose as king?
27. And Jesus said, No man has ever heard me say that I am king. I could not sit in Caesar’s place and be the Christ.
28. Give unto Caesar what belongs to him; give unto God the treasures of your heart.

Jesus heals on the Sabbath, and is censured by the Pharisees.  Restores a drowned child. Rescues a wounded dog.  Cares for a homeless child.  Speaks on the law of kindness.

IT was the Sabbath day, and Jesus stood among the surging masses of the people in the temple courts and sacred halls.
2. The blind, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed were there, and Jesus spoke the Word, and they were healed.
3. On some he laid his hands, and they were healed; to others he just spoke the Word, and they were full restored to health; but others had to go and wash in certain pools; and others he anointed with a holy oil.
4. A doctor asked him why he healed in divers ways, and he replied,
5. Disease is discord in the human form, and discords are produced in many ways.
6. The body is a harpsichord; sometimes the strings are too relaxed, and then inharmony results.
7. Sometimes we find the strings too tense, and then another form of discord is induced.
8. Disease is many-formed, and there are many ways to cure, to tune anew the mystic harpsichord.
9. Now when the Pharisees were told that Jesus healed the people on the Sabbath day they were enraged, and they commanded him to quit the place.
10. But Jesus said, Was man designed to fit the Sabbath, or was the Sabbath day designed to fit the man?
11. If you had fallen in a pit and, lo, the Sabbath day had come, and I should pass your way, would you cry out.
12. Let me alone; it is a sin to help me on the Sabbath day; I’ll swelter in this filth until another day?
13. You Pharisees, you hypocrites! you know you would be glad to have my help upon the Sabbath day, or any other day.
14. These people all have fallen into pits, and they are calling loud for me to help them out, and man and God would curse me should I pass along and heed them not.
15. And then the Pharisees returned to say their prayers, and curse the man of God because he heeded not their words.
16. Now, in the evening Jesus stood beside a pool; a playful child had fallen in, and it was drowned, and friends were bearing it away.
17. But Jesus called the carriers to stop; and then he stretched himself upon the lifeless form, and breathed into its mouth the breath of life.
18. And then he called aloud unto the soul that had gone out, and it returned; the child revived and lived.
19. And Jesus saw a wounded dog; it could not move; it lay beside the way and groaned with pain. He took it in his arms and bore it to the home where he abode.
20. He poured the healing oil into the wounds; he cared for it as though it were a child till it was strong and well.
21. And Jesus saw a little boy who had no home, and he was hungry; when he called for bread the people turned away.
22. And Jesus took the child and gave him bread; he wrapped him in his own warm coat, and found for him a home.
23. To those who followed him the master said, If man would gain again his lost estate he must respect the brotherhood of life.
24. Whoever is not kind to every form of life–to man, to beast, to bird, and creeping thing–cannot expect the blessings of the Holy One; for as we give, so God will give to us.

Nicodemus visits Jesus in the night.  Jesus reveals to him the meaning of the new birth and the kingdom of heaven.

NICODEMUS was a ruler of the Jews, and He was earnest, learned and devout.
2. He saw the master’s signet in the face of Jesus as he talked, but was not brave enough to publicly confess his faith in him;
3. So in the night he went to talk with Jesus at the home of Jude.
4. When Jesus saw him come he said, Full blessed are the pure in heart;
5. Twice blessed are the fearless, pure in heart;
6. Thrice blessed are the fearless, pure in heart who dare to make confession of their faith before the highest courts.
7. And Nicodemus said, Hail, master, hail! I know you are a teacher come from God, for man alone could never teach as you have taught; could never do the works that you have done.
8. And Jesus said, Except a man be born again he cannot see the king; he cannot comprehend the words I speak.
9. And Nicodemus said, How can a man be born again? Can he go back into the womb and come again to life?
10. And Jesus said, The birth of which I speak is not the birth of flesh.
11. Except a man be born of water and the Holy Breath, he cannot come into the kingdom of the Holy One.
12. That which is born of flesh is child of man; that which is born of Holy Breath is child of God.
13. The winds blow where they please; men hear their voices, and may note results; but they know not from whence they come, nor where they go; and so is every one that is born of Holy Breath.
14. The ruler said, I do not understand; pray tell me plainly what you mean.
15. And Jesus said, The kingdom of the Holy One is in the soul; men cannot see it with their carnal eyes; with all their reasoning powers they comprehend it not.
16. It is a life deep hid in God; its recognition is the work of inner consciousness.
17. The kingdoms of the world are kingdoms of the sight; the kingdom of the Holy One is that of faith; its king is love.
18. Men cannot see the love of God unmanifest, and so our Father-God has clothed this love with flesh–flesh of a son of man.
19. And that the world may see and know this love made manifest, the son of man must needs be lifted up.
20. As Moses in the wilderness raised up the serpent for the healing of the flesh, the son of man must be raised up.
21. That all men bitten by the serpent of the dust, the serpent of this carnal life, may live.
22. He who believes in him shall have eternal life.
23. For God so loved the world that he sent forth his only son to be raised up that men may see the love of God.
24. God did not send his son to judge the world; he sent him forth to save the world; to bring men to the light.
25. But men love not the light, for light reveals their wickedness; men love the dark.
26. Now, every one who loves the truth comes to the light; he does not fear to have his works made manifest.
27. The light had come, and Nicodemus went his way; he knew the meaning of the birth of Holy Breath; he felt the presence of the Spirit in his soul.
28. And Jesus tarried in Jerusalem for many days and taught and healed the sick.
29. The common people gladly listened to his words, and many left their all of carnal things and followed him.

Jesus in Bethlehem.  Explains the Empire of Peace to the shepherds. An unusual light appears.  The shepherds recognize Jesus as the Christ.

THE Logos went to Bethlehem, and many people followed him.
2. He found the shepherd’s home where he was cradled when a babe; here he abode.
3. He went up to the hills where more than thirty years before the shepherds watched their flocks and heard the messenger of peace exclaim:
4. At midnight in a cave in Bethlehem the Prince of Peace is born.
5. And shepherds still were there, and sheep still fed upon the hills.
6. And in the valley near great flocks of snow-white doves were flying to and fro.
7. And when the shepherds knew that Jesus, whom the people called the king, had come, they came from near and far to speak to him.
8. And Jesus said to them, Behold the life of innocence and peace!
9. White is the symbol of the virtuous and pure! the lamb of innocence; the dove of peace;
10. And it was meet that love should come in human form amid such scenes as these.
11. Our father Abraham walked through these vales, and on these very hills he watched his flocks and herds.
12. And here it was that one, the Prince of Peace, the king of Salim, came; the Christ in human form; a greater far than Abraham was he.
13. And here it was that Abraham gave to this king of Salim, tithes of all he had.
14. This Prince of Peace went forth in battle everywhere. He had no sword; no armor of defense; no weapons of offence;
15. And yet he conquered men, and nations trembled at his feet.
16. The hosts of Egypt quailed before this sturdy king of right; the kings of Egypt placed their crowns upon his head,
17. And gave into his hands the sceptre of all Egypt land, and not a drop of blood was shed, and not a captive placed in chains;
18. But everywhere the conqueror threw wide the prison doors and set the captives free.
19. And, once again, the Prince of Peace has come, and from these blessed hills he goes again to fight.
20. And he is clothed in white; his sword is truth, his shield is faith; his helmet is innocence; his breath is love; his watchword peace.
21. But this is not a carnal war; it is not man at war with man; but it is right against the wrong.
22. And love is captain, love is warrior, love is armor, love is all, and love shall win.
23. And then again the hills of Bethlehem were clothed with light, again the messenger exclaimed,
24. Peace, peace on earth, good will to men.
25. And Jesus taught the people; healed the sick; revealed the mysteries of the kingdom of the Holy One.
26. And many said, He is the Christ; the king who was to come has come; Praise God.

Jesus in Hebron.  Goes to Bethany.  Advises Ruth regarding certain family troubles.

WITH three disciples Jesus went to Hebron where he tarried seven days and taught.
2. And then he went to Bethany and in the home of Lazarus he taught.
3. The evening came; the multitudes were gone, and Jesus, Lazarus, and his sisters, Martha, Ruth and Mary, were alone.
4. And Ruth was sore distressed. Her home was down in Jericho; her husband was the keeper of an inn; his name was Asher-ben.
5. Now, Asher was a Pharisee of strictest mien and thought, and he regarded Jesus with disdain.
6. And when his wife confessed her faith in Christ, he drove her from his home.
7. But Ruth resisted not; she said, If Jesus is the Christ he knows the way, and I am sure He is the Christ.
8. My husband may become enraged and slay my human form; he cannot kill the soul, and in the many mansions of my Fatherland I have a dwelling-place.
9. And Ruth told Jesus all; and then she said, What shall I do?
10. And Jesus said, Your husband is not willingly at fault; he is devout; he prays to God, our Father-God.
11. His zeal for his religion is intense; in this he is sincere; but it has driven him insane, and he believes it right to keep his home unsullied by the heresy of Christ.
12. He feels assured that he has done the will of God in driving you away.
13. Intolerance is ignorance matured.
14. The light will come to him some day, and then he will repay for all your heartaches, griefs and tears.
15. And Ruth, you must not think that you are free from blame.
16. If you had walked in wisdom’s ways, and been content to hold your peace, this grief would not have come to you.
17. It takes a long, long time for light to break into the shell of prejudice, and patience is the lesson you have need to learn.
18. The constant dropping of the water wears away the hardest stone.
19. The sweet and holy incense of a godly life will melt intolerance much quicker than the hottest flame, or hardest blow.
20. Just wait a little time, and then go home with sympathy and love. Talk not of Christ, nor of the kingdom of the Holy One.
21. Just live a godly life; refrain from harshness in your speech, and you will lead your husband to the light.
22. And it was so.

Jesus in Jericho.  Heals a servant of Asher.  Goes to the Jordan and speaks to the people. Establishes baptism as a pledge of discipleship.  Baptizes six disciples, who in turn baptize many people.

AND Jesus went to Jericho, and at the inn of Asher he abode.
2. A servant at the inn was sick, nigh unto death; the healers could not cure.
3.And Jesus came and touched the dying girl, and said, Malone, arise! and in a moment pain was gone; the fever ceased; the maid was well.
4. And then the people brought their sick, and they were healed.
5. But Jesus did not tarry long in Jericho; he went down to the Jordan ford where John was wont to teach.
6. The multitudes were there and Jesus said to them, Behold, the time has come; the kingdom is at hand.
7. None but the pure in heart can come into the kingdom of the Holy One; but every son and daughter of the human race is called upon to turn from evil and become the pure in heart.
8. The resolution to attain and enter through the Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One will constitute discipleship, and every one must make a pledge of his discipleship.
9. John washed your bodies in the stream, symbolic of the cleansing of the soul, in preparation for the coming of the king, the opening of the Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One.
10. John did a mighty work; but now the Christine gate is opened up, and washing is established as the pledge of your discipleship.
11. Until this age shall close this pledge shall be a rite, and shall be called, Baptism rite; and it shall be a sign to men, and seal to God of men’s discipleship.
12. You men of every nation, hear! Come unto me; the Christine gate is opened up; turn from your sins and be baptized, and you shall enter through the gate and see the king.
13. The six disciples who had followed Jesus stood a-near, and Jesus led them forth and in the Jordan he baptized them in the name of Christ; and then he said to them,
14. My friends, you are the first to enter through the Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One.
15. As I baptized you in the name of Christ, so you shall, in that sacred name, baptize all men and women who will confess their faith in Christ, and shall renounce their sins.
16. And, lo, the multitudes came down, renounced their sins, confessed their faith in Christ, and were baptized.

John, the harbinger, at Salim.  A lawyer inquires about Jesus. John explains to the multitude the mission of Jesus.

NOW, John the harbinger, was at the Salim Springs where water was abundant, and washed the bodies of the people who confessed their sins.
2. A Jewish lawyer went to John and said, Has not this man from Galilee, he whom you washed and called the Christ, become your foe?
3. They say that he is at the Jordan ford; that he is building up a church, or something else, and that he washes people just as you have done.
4. And John replied, This Jesus is indeed the Christ whose way I came to pave. He is not foe of mine.
5. The bridegroom hath the bride; his friends are near, and when they hear his voice they all rejoice.
6. The kingdom of the Holy One is bride, and Christ the groom; and I, the harbinger, am full of joy because they prosper so abundantly.
7. I have performed the work that I was sent to do; the work of Jesus just begins.
8. Then turning to the multitudes he said, Christ is the king of righteousness; Christ is the love of God; yea, he is God; one of the holy persons of the Triune God.
9. Christ lives in every heart of purity.
10. Now, Jesus who is preaching at the Jordan ford, has been subjected to the hardest tests of human life, and he has conquered all the appetites and passions of the carnal man,
11. And by the highest court of heaven, has been declared a man of such superior purity and holiness that he can demonstrate the presence of the Christ on earth.
12. Lo, love divine, which is the Christ, abides in him, and he is pattern for the race.
13. And every man can see in him what every man will be when he has conquered all the passions of the selfish self.
14. In water I have washed the bodies of the people who have turned from sin, symbolic of the cleansing of the soul;
15. But Jesus bathes for ever in the living waters of the Holy Breath.
16. And Jesus comes to bring the savior of the world to men; Love is the savior of the world.
17. And all who put their trust in Christ, and follow Jesus as a pattern and a guide, have everlasting life.
18. But they who do not trust the Christ, and will not purify their hearts so that the Christ can dwell within, can never enter life.

Lamaas comes from India to see Jesus.  He listens to the teachings of John at Salim. John tells him of the divine mission of Jesus.  Lamaas finds Jesus at the Jordan. The masters recognize each other.

LAMAAS, priest of Brahm, who was a friend of Jesus when he was in the temple of Jagannath, had heard of Jesus and his mighty works in many lands; and he had left his home and come to Palestine in search of him.
2. And as he journeyed towards Jerusalem he heard of John, the harbinger, who was esteemed a prophet of the living God.
3. Lamaas found the harbinger at Salim Springs; for many days he was a silent listener to the pungent truths he taught.
4. And he was present when the Pharisee told John of Jesus and his mighty works.
5. He heard the answer of the harbinger; heard him bless the name of Jesus; whom he called the Christ.
6. And then he spoke to John; he said, Pray tell me more about this Jesus whom you call the Christ.
7. And John replied, this Jesus is the love of God made manifest.
8. Lo, men are living on the lower planes–the planes of greed and selfishness; for self they fight; they conquer with the sword.
9. In every land the strong enslave and kill the weak. All kingdoms rise by force of arms; for force is king.
10. This Jesus comes to overthrow this iron rule of force, and seat Love on the throne of power.
11. And Jesus fears no man. He preaches boldly in the courts of kings, and everywhere, that victories won by force of arms are crimes;
12. That every worthy end may be attained by gentleness and love just as the Prince of Peace, Melchisedec, the priest of God, won gallant victories in war without the shedding of a drop of blood.
13. You ask where are the temples of the Christ? He ministers at shrines not made with hands; his temples are the hearts of holy men who are prepared to see the king.
14. The groves of nature are his synagogues; his forum is the world.
15. He has no priests dressed up in puppet style to be admired by men; for every son of man is priest of Love.
16. When man has purified his heart by faith, he needs no middle man to intercede.
17. He is on friendly terms with God; is not afraid of him, and he is able, and is bold enough, to lay his body on the altar of the Lord.
18. Thus every man is priest, and is himself a living sacrifice.
19. You need not seek the Christ, for when your heart is purified the Christ will come, and will abide with you for evermore.
20. And then Lamaas journeyed on; he came to Jesus as he taught beside the ford.
21. And Jesus said, Behold the Star of India!
22. Lamaas said, Behold the Sun of Righteousness! And he confessed his faith in Christ, and followed him.

The Christines journey toward Galilee.  They tarry for a time at Jacob’s well and Jesus teaches a woman of Samaria.

THE Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One was opened up, and Jesus and the six disciples and Lamaas left the Jordan ford and turned their faces toward Galilee.
2. Their way lay through Samaria and as they journeyed on they came to Sychar, which was near the plot of ground that Jacob gave to Joseph when a youth.
3. And Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus sat beside the well in silent thought, and his disciples went into the town to purchase bread.
4. A woman of the town came out to fill her pitcher from the well; and Jesus was athirst, and when he asked the woman for a drink she said,
5. I am a woman of Samaria, and you a Jew; do you not know that there is enmity between Samaritans and Jews? They traffic not; then why ask me the favour of a drink?
6. And Jesus said, Samaritans and Jews are all the children of one God, our Father-God, and they are kin.
7. It is but prejudice born of the carnal mind that breeds this enmity and hate.
8. While I was born a Jew, I recognise the brotherhood of life. Samaritans are just as dear to me as Jew or Greek.
9. And then, had you but known the blessings that our Father-God has sent to men by me, you would have asked me for a drink.
10. And I would gladly have given you a cup of water from the Fount of Life, and you would never thirst again.
11. The woman said, This well is deep, and you have naught with which to draw; how could you get the water that you speak about?
12. And Jesus said, The water that I speak about comes not from Jacob’s well; it flows from the springs that never fail.
13. Lo, everyone who drinks from Jacob’s well will thirst again; but they who drink the water that I give will never thirst again;
14. For they themsleves become a well, and from their inner parts the sparkling waters bubble up into eternal life.
15. The woman said, Sir, I would drink from that rich well of life. Give me to drink, that I may thirst no more.
16. And Jesus said, Go call your husband from the town that he may share with you this living cup.
17. The woman said, I have no husband, sir.
18. And Jesus answered her and said, You scarcely know what husband means; you seem to be a gilded butterfly that flits from flower to flower.
19. To you there is no sacredness in marriage ties, and you affintise with any man.
20. And you have lived with five of them who were esteemed as husbands by your friends.
21. The woman said, Do I not speak unto a prophet and a seer? Will you not condescend to tell me who you are?
22. And Jesus said, I need not tell you who I am, for you have read the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms that tell of me.
23. I am one come to break away the wall that separates the sons of men. In Holy Breath there is no Greek, no Jew, and no Samaritan; no bond, nor free; for all are one.
24. The woman asked, Why do you say that only in Jerusalem man ought to pray, and that they should not worship in our holy mount?
25. And Jesus said, What you have said, I do not say. One place is just as sacred as another place.
26. The hour has come when men must worship God within the temple of the heart; for God is not within Jerusalem, nor in your holy mount in any way that he is not in every heart.
27. Our God is Spirit; they who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
28. The woman said, We know that when Messiah comes that he will lead us in the ways of truth.
29 And Jesus said, Behold the Christ has come; Messiah speaks to you.

While Jesus is teaching, his disciples come and marvel because he speaks with a Samaritan.  Many people from Sychar come to see Jesus.  He speaks to them.  With his disciples he goes to Sychar and remains for certain days.

WHILE Jesus yet was talking to the woman at the well, the six disciples came from Sychar with the food.
2. And when they saw him talking to a woman of Samaria, and one they thought a courtesan, they were amazed; yet no one asked him why he spoke with her.
3. The woman was so lost in thought and so intent on what the master said, that she forgot her errand to the well; she left her pitcher and ran quickly to the town.
4. She told the people all about the prophet she had met at Jacob’s well; she said, He told me every thing I ever did.
5. And when the people would know more about the man, the woman said, Come out and see. And multitudes went out to Jacob’s well.
6. When Jesus saw them come he said to those who followed him, You need not say, It is four months before the harvest time;
7. Behold, the harvest time is now. Lift up your eyes and look; the fields are golden with the ripened grain.
8. Lo, many sowers have gone forth to sow the seeds of life; the seed has grown; the plants have strengthened in the summer sun; the grain has ripened, and the master calls for men to reap.
9. And you shall go out in the fields and reap what other men have sown; but when the reckoning day shall come the sowers and the reapers all together will rejoice.
10 And Philip said to Jesus, Stay now your work a time and sit beneath this olive tree and eat a portion of this food; you must be faint for you have eaten naught since early day.
11. But Jesus said, I am not faint, for I have food to eat you know not of.
12. Then the disciples said among themselves, Who could have brought him aught to eat?
13. They did not know that he had power to turn the very ethers into bread.
14. And Jesus said, The master of the harvest never sends his reapers forth and feeds them not.
15. My Father who has sent me forth into the harvest field of human life will never suffer me to want; and when he calls for you to serve, lo, he will give you food, will clothe and shelter you.
16. Then turning to the people of Samaria, he said, Think not it strange that I, a Jew, should speak to you, for I am one with you.
17. The universal Christ who was and is, and evermore shall be, is manifest in me; but Christ belongs to every man.
18. God scatters forth his blessings with a lavish hand, and he is not more kind to one than to another one of all the creatures of his hand.
19. I just came up from Judah’s hills, and God’s same sun was shining and his flowers were blooming, and in the night his stars were just as bright as they are here.
20. God cannot cast a child away; the Jew, the Greek and the Samaritan are equal in his sight.
21. And why should men and women fret and quarrel, like children in their plays?
22. The lines that separate the sons of men are made of straw, and just a single breath of love would blow them all away.
23. The people were amazed at what the stranger said, and many said, The Christ that was to come has surely come.
24. And Jesus went with them into the town, and tarried certain days.

Jesus teaches the people of Sychar.  Casts a wicked spirit out of one obsessed. Sends the spirit to its own place.  Heals many people.  The priests are disturbed by the presence of Jesus in Sychar, but he speaks to them and wins their favor.

IN Sychar Jesus taught the people in the market place.
2. A man obsessed was brought to him. The wicked spirit that possessed the man was full of violence and lust, and often threw his victim to the ground.
3. And Jesus spoke aloud and said, Base spirit, loose your hold upon the vitals of this man, and go back to your own.
4. And then the spirit begged that he might go into the body of a dog that stood near by.
5. But Jesus said, Why harm the helpless dog? Its life is just as dear to it as mine to me.
6. It is not yours to throw the burden of your sin on any living thing.
7. By your own deeds and evil thoughts you have brought all these perils on yourself. You have hard problems to be solved; but you must solve them for yourself.
8. By thus obsessing man, you make your own conditions doubly sad. Go back into your own domain; refrain from harming anything, and by and by, you will yourself be free.
9. The wicked spirit left the man and went unto his own. The man looked up in thankfulness and said, Praise God.
10. And many of the people brought their sick, and Jesus spoke the Word, and they were healed.
11. The ruler of the synagogue and all the priests were much disturbed when told that Jesus from Jerusalem was preaching in the town.
12. They thought that he had come to proselyte and stir up strife among Samaritans.
13. And so they sent an officer to bring him to the synagogue that he might give a reason for his presence in the town.
14. But Jesus said to him who came, Go back and tell the priests and ruler of the synagogue that I am not engaged in crime.
15. I come to bind up broken hearts, to heal the sick, and cast the evil spirits out of those obsessed.
16. Tell them their prophets spoke of me; that I come to break no law, but to fulfill the highest law.
17. The man returned and told the priests and ruler of the synagogue what Jesus said.
18. The ruler was amazed, and with the priests went to the market place where Jesus was.
19. And when he saw them, Jesus said, Behold the honored men of all Samaria! the men ordained to lead the people in the way of right.
20. And I am come to help, and not to hinder in their work.
21. There are two classes of the sons of men; they who would build the human race upon the sure foundation stones of justice, truth, equality and right,
22. And they who would destroy the holy temple, where the Spirit dwells, and bring their fellows down to beggary and crime.
23. The holy brotherhood of right must stand united in the stirring conflicts of the hour.
24. No matter whether they be Jews, Samaritans, Assyrians, or Greeks, they must tramp down beneath their feet all strife, all discord, jealousy and hate, and demonstrate the brotherhood of man.
25. Then to the ruler of the synagogue he spoke: he said, United in the cause of right we stand; divided we will fall.
26. And then he took the ruler by the hand; a love light filled their souls; and all the people were amazed.

The Christines resume their journey.  They tarry a while in the city of Samaria.  Jesus speaks in the synagogue.  Heals a woman by mental power.  He disappears, but later joins his disciples as they journey towards Nazareth.

THE Christines turned their faces toward the land of Galilee; but when they reached the city of Samaria, the multitudes pressed hard about them, begging them to tarry in their city for a while.
2. And then they went up to the synagogue, and Jesus opened up the book of Moses, and he read:
3. In thee and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blest.
4. And then he closed the book and said, These words were spoken by the Lord of hosts unto our father Abraham, and Israel has been blessedness to all the world.
5. We are his seed; but not a tithe of the great work that we were called to do has yet been done.
6. The Lord of hosts has set apart the Israelites to teach the unity of God and man; but one can never teach that which he does not demonstrate in life.
7. Our God is Spirit, and in him all wisdom, love and strength abide.
8. In every man these sacred attributes are budding forth, and in due time they will unfold; the demonstration will completed be, and man will comprehend the fact of unity.
9. And you, ruler of the synagogue, and you, these priests, are honoured servants of the Lord of hosts.
10. All men are looking unto you for guidance in the ways of life; example is another name for priest; so what you would that people be, that you must be.
11. A simple godly life may win ten thousand souls to purity and right.
12. And all the people said, Amen.
13. Then Jesus left the synagogue, and at the hour of evening prayer he went up to the sacred grove, and all the people turned their faces toward their holy mount and prayed.
14. And Jesus prayed.
15. And as he sat in silent mood a voice of soul spoke to his soul imploring help.
16. And Jesus saw a woman on a couch in sore distress; for she was sick nigh unto death.
17. She could not speak, but she had heard that Jesus was a man of God, and in her heart she called on him for help.
18. And Jesus helped; he did not speak; but like a flash of light, a mighty virtue from his soul filled full the body of the dying one, and she arose, and joined her kindred while they prayed.
19. Her kindred were astonished and they said to her, How were you healed? And she replied,
20. I do not know; I simply asked the man of God in thought for healing power, and in a moment I was well.
21. The people said, The gods have surely come to earth; for man has not the power to heal by thought.
22. But Jesus said, The greatest power in heaven and earth is thought.
23. God made the universe by thought; he paints the lily and the rose with thought.
24. Why think it strange that I should send a healing thought and change the ethers of disease and death to those of health and life?
25. Lo, you shall see far greater things than this, for by the power of holy thought, my body will be changed from carnal flesh to spirit form; and so will yours.
26. When Jesus had thus said he disappeared, and no one saw him go.
27. His own disciples did not comprehend the change; they knew not where their master went, and they went on their way.
28. But as they walked and talked about the strange event, lo, Jesus came and walked with them to Nazareth of Galilee.

John, the harbinger, censures Herod for his wickedness. Herod sends him to prison in Machaerus.  Jesus tells why God permitted the imprisonment of John.

HEROD ANTIPAS, the tetrarch of Paraca and of Galilee was dissipated, selfish and tyrannical.
2. He drove his wife away from home that he might take as wife Herodias, the wife of one, a near of kin, a woman, like himself, immoral and unjust.
3. The city of Tiberius, upon the shores of Galilee, was Herod’s home.
4. Now John, the harbinger, had left the Salim Springs to teach the people by the sea of Galilee; and he rebuked the wicked ruler and his stolen wife for all their sins.
5. Herodias was enraged because the preacher dared accuse her and her husband of their crimes;
6. And she prevailed on Herod to arrest the harbinger and cast him in a dungeon in the castle of Machaerus that stood beside the Bitter Sea.
7. And Herod did as she required; then she lived in peace in all her sins, for none were bold enough to censure her again.
8. The followers of John were warned to speak not of the trial and imprisonment of John.
9. By order of the court, they were restrained from teaching in the public halls.
10. They could not talk about this better life that Herod called the Heresy of John.
11. When it was known that John had been imprisoned by the tetrarch court, the friends of Jesus thought it best that he should not remain in Galilee.
12. But Jesus said, I have no need of fear; my time has not yet come; no man can stay me till my work is done.
13. And when they asked why God permitted Herod to imprison John, he said,
14. Behold yon stalk of wheat! When it has brought  the grain to perfectness, it is of no more worth; it falls, becoming part of earth again from which it came.
15. John is a stalk of golden wheat; he brought unto maturity the richest grain of all the earth; his work is done.
16. If he had said another word it might have marred the symmetry of what is now a noble life.
17. And when my work is done the rulers will do unto me what they have done to John, and more.
18. All these events are part of God’s own plan. The innocent will suffer while the wicked are in power; but woe to them who cause the suffering of the innocents.

The Christines are in Nazareth.  Jesus speaks in the synagogue.  He offends the people and they attempt to kill him.  He mysteriously disappears, and returns to the synagogue.

THE Christines were in Nazareth. It was the Sabbath day, and Jesus went up to the synagogue.
2. The keeper of the books gave one to Jesus and he opened it and read:
3. The Spirit of the Lord has overshadowed me; he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; to set the captives free; to open sightless eyes;
4. To bring relief to those oppressed and bruised, and to proclaim, The year of jubilee has come.
5. When he had read these words he closed the book and said, This scripture is fulfilled before your eyes this day. The year of jubilee has come; the time when Israel shall bless the world.
6. And then he told them many things about the kingdom of the Holy One; about the hidden way of life; about forgiveness of sins.
7. Now, many people knew not who the speaker was: And others said, Is not this Joseph’s son? Does not his mother live on Marmion way?
8. And one spoke out and said, This is the man who did such mighty works in Cana, in Capernaum, and in Jerusalem.
9. And then the people said, Physician heal yourself. Do here among your kindred all the mighty works that you have done in other towns.
10. And Jesus said, No prophet is received with honor by the people of his native land; and prophets are not sent to every one.
11. Elijah was a man of God; he had the power and he closed the gates of heaven, and it did not rain for forty months; and when he spoke the Word, the rain came on, the earth brought forth again.
12. And there were many widows in the land; but this Elijah went to none but Zarephath, and she was blessed.
13. And when Elisha lived, lo, many lepers were in Israel, but none were cleansed save one–the Syrian who had faith.
14. You have no faith; you seek for signs to satisfy your curious whims; but you shall see not till you open up your eyes of faith.
15. And then the people were enraged; they rushed upon him, bound him down with cords, and took him to a precipice not far away, intent to cast him down to death;
16. But when they thought they held him fast, he disappeared; unseen he passed among the angry men, and went his way.
17. The people were confounded and they said, What manner of a man is this?
18. And when they came again to Nazareth, they found him teaching in the synagogue.
19. They troubled him no more for they were sore afraid.

The Christines go to Cana.  Jesus heals a nobleman’s child. The Christines go to Capernaum. Jesus provides a spacious home for his mother. He announces his intention to choose twelve apostles.

IN Nazareth Jesus taught no more; he went with his disciples up to Cana, where, at a marriage feast, he once turned water into wine.
2. And here he met a man of noble birth whose home was in Capernaum, whose son was sick.
3. The man had faith in Jesus’ power to heal, and when he learned that he had come to Galilee he went in haste to meet him on the way.
4. The man met Jesus at the seventh hour, and he entreated him to hasten to Capernaum to save his son.
5. But Jesus did not go; he stood aside in silence for a time, and then he said, Your faith has proved a healing balm; your son is well.
6. The man believed and went his way toward Capernaum and as he went he met a servant from his home who said,
7. My lord, You need not haste; your son is well.
8. The father asked, When did my son begin to mend?
9. The servant said, On yesterday about the seventh hour the fever left.
10. And then the father knew it was the healing balm that Jesus sent that saved his son.
11. In Cana Jesus tarried not; he went his way with his disciples to Capernaum, where he secured a spacious house where, with his mother, he could live, where his disciples might repair to hear the Word.
12. He called the men who had confessed their faith in him to meet him in his home, which his disciples called, The school of Christ; and when they came he said to them,
13. This gospel of the Christ must be proclaimed in all the world.
14. This Christine vine will be a mighty vine whose branches will comprise the peoples, tribes and tongues of all the earth.
15. I am the vine; twelve men shall be the branches of the stock, and these shall send forth branches everywhere;
16. And from among the people who have followed me, the Holy Breath will call the twelve.
17. Go now and do your work as you have done your work; but listen for the call.
18. Then the disciples went unto their daily tasks, to do their work as they had done, and Jesus went alone into the Hammoth hills to pray.
19. Three days and nights he spent communing with the Silent Brotherhood; then, in the power of Holy Breath he came to call the twelve.

Jesus walks by the sea.  Stands in a fishing boat and speaks to the people. Under his direction the fishermen secure a great catch of fish. He selects and calls his twelve apostles.

BESIDE the sea of Galilee the Christine master walked, and multitudes of people followed him.
2. The fishing boats had just come in, and Peter and his brother waited in their boats; their helpers were ashore repairing broken nets.
3. And Jesus went into a boat and Peter pushed it out a little ways from shore; and Jesus standing in the boat spoke to the multitude. He said,
4. Isaiah, prophet of the Lord of hosts, looked forward and he saw this day; he saw the people standing by the sea, and he exclaimed,
5. The land of Zebulon and Napthali, land beyond the Jordan and toward the sea, the Gentile Galilee,
6. The people were in darkness, knowing not the way; but, lo, they saw the Day Star rise; a light streamed forth; they saw the way of life; they walked therein.
7. And you are blest beyond all people of the earth today, because you first may see the light, and may become the children of the light.
8. Then Jesus said to Peter, Bring your nets aboard, and put out in the deep.
9. And Peter did as Jesus bade him do; but in a faithless way he said, This is a useless trip; there are no fish upon this shore of Galilee today; with Andrew I have toiled all night, and taken naught.
10. But Jesus saw beneath the surface of the sea; he saw a multitude of fish. He said to Peter,
11. Cast out your net upon the right side of the boat.
12. And Peter did as Jesus said, and, lo, the net was filled; it scarce was strong enough to hold the multitude of fish.
13. And Peter called to John and James, who were near by, for help; and when the net was hauled to boat, both boats were well nigh filled with fish.
14. When Peter saw the heavy catch, he was ashamed of what he said; ashamed because he had no faith, and he fell down at Jesus’ feet, and said, Lord, I believe!
15. And Jesus said, Behold the catch! from henceforth you shall fish no more for fish;
16. You shall cast forth the Christine net into the sea of human life, upon the right side of the boat; you shall ensnare the multitudes to holiness and peace.
17. Now, when they reached the shore the Christine master called to Peter, Andrew, James and John and said,
18. You fishermen of Galilee, the masters have a mighty work for us to do; I go, and you may follow me.
And they left all and followed him.
19. And Jesus walked along the shore, and seeing Philip and Nathaniel walking on the beach he said to them.
20. You teachers of Bethsaida, who long have taught the people Greek philosophy, the masters have a higher work for you and me to do; I go and you may follow me; and then they followed him.
21. A little farther on there stood a Roman tribute house, and Jesus saw the officer in charge; his name was Matthew, who once abode in Jericho;
22. The youth who once ran on before the Lord into Jerusalem and said, Behold the Christines come.
23. And Matthew was a man of wealth, and learned in wisdom of the Jews, the Syrians and the Greeks.
24. And Jesus said to him, Hail, Matthew, trusted servant of the Caesars, hail! the masters call us to the tribute house of souls; I go and you may follow me. And Matthew followed him.
25. Ischariot and his son, whose name was Judas, were employed by Matthew and were at the tribute house.
26. And Jesus said to Judas, Stay your work; the masters call us to a duty in the savings bank of souls; I go and you may follow me.
And Judas followed him.
27. And Jesus met a lawyer who heard about the Christine master and had come from Antioch to study in the school of Christ.
28. This man was Thomas, man of doubt, and yet a Greek philosopher of culture and of power.
29. But Jesus saw in him the lines of faith, and said to him, The masters have a need of men who can interpret law; I go, and you may follow me. And Thomas followed him.
30. And when the evening came and Jesus was at home, behold, there came his kindred, James and Jude, the sons of Alpheus and Miriam.
31. And these were men of faith, and they were carpenters of Nazareth.
32. And Jesus said to them, Behold, for you have toiled with me, and with my father Joseph, building houses for the homes of men. The masters call us now to aid in building homes for souls; homes built without the sound of hammer, axe, or saw;
33. I go, and you may follow me. And James and Jude exclaimed, Lord, we will follow you.
34. And on the morrow Jesus sent a message unto Simon, leader of the Zelotes, a strict exponent of the Jewish law.
35 And in the message Jesus said, The masters call for men to demonstrate the faith of Abraham; I go, and you may follow me. And Simon followed him.

The twelve apostles are at Jesus’ home and are consecrated to their work.  Jesus instructs them. He goes to the synagogue on the Sabbath and teaches.  He casts an unclean spirit out of one obsessed. He heals Peter’s mother-in-law.

NOW, on the day before the Sabbath day, the twelve disciples who had received the call were met with one accord in Jesus’ home.
2. And Jesus said to them, This is the day to consecrate yourselves unto the work of God; so let us pray.
3. Turn from the outer to the inner self; close all the doors of carnal self and wait.
4. The Holy Breath will fill this place, and you will be baptized in Holy Breath.
5. And then they prayed; a light more brilliant than the noonday sun filled all the room, and tongues of flame from every head rose high in air.
6. The atmosphere of Galilee was set astir; a sound like distant thunder rolled above Capernaum, and men heard songs, as though ten thousand angels joined in full accord.
7. And then the twelve disciples heard a voice, a still, small voice, and just one word was said, a word they dared not speak; it was the Sacred name of God.
8. And Jesus said to them, By this omnific Word you may control the elements, and all the powers of air.
9. And when within your souls you speak this Word, you have the keys of life and death; of things that are; of things that were; of things that are to be.
10. Behold you are the twelve great branches of the Christine vine; the twelve foundation stones; the twelve apostles of the Christ.
11. As lambs I send you forth among wild beasts; but the omnific Word will be your buckler and your shield.
12. And then again the air was filled with song, and every living creature seemed to say, Praise God! Amen!
13. The next day was the Sabbath day; and Jesus went with his disciples to the synagogue, and there he taught.
14. The people said, He teaches not as do the scribes and Pharisees; but as a man who knows, and has authority to speak.
15. As Jesus spoke, a man obsessed came in; the evil spirits that obsessed the man were of the baser sort; they often threw their victim to the ground, or in the fire.
16. And when the spirits saw the Christine master in the synagogue they knew him, and they said,
17. You son of God, why are you here? would you destroy us by the Word before our time? we would have naught to do with you; let us alone.
18. But Jesus said to them, By the omnific Word I speak; Come out; torment this man no more; go to your place.
19. And then the unclean spirits threw the man upon the floor, and, with a fiendish cry, they went away.
20. And Jesus lifted up the man and said to him, If you will keep your mind fully occupied with good, the evil spirits cannot find a place to stay;
21. They only come to empty heads and hearts. Go on your way and sin no more.
22. The people were astonished at the words that Jesus spoke, the work he did. They asked among themselves,
23. Who is this man? From whence comes all this power that even unclean spirits fear, and flee away?
24. The Christine master left the synagogue; with Peter, Andrew, James and John, he went to Peter’s house where one, a near of kin, was sick.
25. And Peter’s wife came in; it was her mother who was sick.
26. And Jesus touched the woman as she lay upon her couch; he spoke the Word; the fever ceased and she arose and ministered to them.
27. The neighbors heard what had occurred, and then brought their sick, and those obsessed, and Jesus laid his hands on them, and they were healed.

Jesus goes alone to a mountain to pray.  His disciples find him. He calls the twelve and they journey through Galilee teaching and healing. At Tiberius Jesus heals a leper.  The Christines return to Capernaum.  In his own home Jesus heals a palsied man and makes known the philosophy of healing and the forgiveness of sins.

THE Christine master disappeared; no one saw him go, and Peter, James and John set forth to search for him; they found him at his trysting-place out on the Hammoth hills.
2. And Peter said, The city of Capernaum is wild; the people crowd the streets and every public place is filled.
3. The men, the women and the children everywhere are asking for the man who heals by will.
4. Your home and our homes are filled with people who are sick; they call for Jesus who is called the Christ. What will we say to them?
5. And Jesus said, A score of other cities call, and we must take the bread of life to them. Go call the other men and let us go.
6. And Jesus and the twelve went to Bethsaida where Philip and Nathaniel dwelt; and there they taught.
7. The multitudes believed on Christ, confessed their sins and were baptized, and came into the kingdom of the Holy One.
8. The Christine master and the twelve went everywhere through all the towns of Galilee, and taught, baptizing all who came in faith, and who confessed their sins.
9. They opened up blind eyes, unstopped deaf ears, drove forth the evil ones from those obsessed, and healed disease of every kind.
10. And they were in Tiberius by the sea, and as they taught a leper came a-near and said, Lord, I believe, and if you will but speak the Word I will be clean.
11. And Jesus said to him, I will; be clean.
And soon the leprosy was gone; the man was clean.
12. And Jesus charged the man, say naught to anyone, but go and show yourself unto the priests and offer for your cleansing what the law demands.
13. The man was wild with joy; but then he went not to the priests, but in the marts of trade, and everywhere he told what had been done.
14. And then the sick in throngs pressed hard upon the healer and the twelve, imploring to be healed.
15. And they were so importunate that little could be done, and so the Christines left the crowded thoroughfares, and went to desert places where they taught the multitudes that followed them.
16. Now, after many days the Christines came back to Capernaum. When it was noised around that Jesus was at home, the people came; they filled the house till there was no more room, not even at the door.
17. And there were present scribes and Pharisees and doctors of the law from every part of Galilee, and from Jerusalem, and Jesus opened up for them the way of life.
18. Four men brought one, a palsied man upon a cot, and when they could not pass the door they took the sick man to the roof, and opened up a way, then let him down before the healer’s face.
19. When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the palsied man, My son, be of good cheer; your sins are all forgiven.
20. And when the scribes and Pharisees heard what he said, they said, Why does this man speak thus? who can forgive the sins of men but God?
21. And Jesus caught their thought; he knew they questioned thus among themselves; he said to them,
22. Why reason thus among yourselves? What matters it if I should say, Your sins are blotted out; or say, Arise, take up your bed and walk?
23. But just to prove that men may here forgive the sins of men, I say, (and then he spoke unto the palsied man.
24. Arise, take up your bed, and go your way.
25. And in the presence of them all the man arose, took up his bed, and went his way.
26. The people could not comprehend the things they heard and saw. They said among themselves, This is a day we never can forget; we have seen wondrous things today.
27. And when the multitudes had gone the twelve remained, and Jesus said to them,
28. The Jewish festival draws near; next week we will go to Jerusalem, that we may meet our brethren from afar, and open up to them the way that they may see the king.
29. The Christines sought the quiet of their homes, where they remained in prayer for certain days.

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