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Reincarnation: Its Causes and Consequences | Podcast

Abbot George Burke and Bianca VlahosLast month our friend Bianca Vlahos of the Australian radio station PBA-FM interviewed Abbot George Burke on the broad topic of reincarnation. They discussed the source of  reincarnation (karma—our actions, both positive and negative) and the purpose of reincarnation: our spiritual evolution and growth.

Abbot George likened reincarnation to school. We can choose to learn the lessons of life and graduate to higher classes and new lessons, and thereby hasten our spiritual growth. Or we can dawdle along the way, refusing to learn the consequences of our actions, choosing to blame others for our faults and failures and suffering, and take the same courses over (and over).

Bianca gave the interview this title: “The Spiritual Journey of Humans – Discussing pain and suffering, enlightenment, karma, forgiveness, reincarnation, awakening, meditation, mindfulness and more.  Interview with Abbot George Burke discussing his book May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?” (This book is available in print and as a free ebook on Amazon, and also on our site here.

Bianca plans to follow this interview with another in which she will ask Abbot George about past life recall methods and more. Stay tuned.

If you do not see the player above (it won’t show in emails), click here to listen to Reincarnation: Its Causes and Consequences. Podcast length: 52:00 minutes.

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