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The Laws of Healing

Hoffman's portrait of ChristPart 91 of the Aquarian Gospel for Awakening

Modes of healing
It was the Sabbath day, and Jesus stood among the surging masses of the people in the temple courts and sacred halls. The blind, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed were there, and Jesus spoke the Word, and they were healed. On some he laid his hands, and they were healed; to others he just spoke the Word, and they were full restored to health; but others had to go and wash in certain pools; and others he anointed with a holy oil.

“A doctor asked him why he healed in divers ways, and he replied, Disease is discord in the human form, and discords are produced in many ways. The body is a harpsichord; sometimes the strings are too relaxed, and then inharmony results. Sometimes we find the strings too tense, and then another form of discord is induced. Disease is many-formed, and there are many ways to cure, to tune anew the mystic harpsichord” (Aquarian Gospel 74:1-8).

The blind, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed were there, and Jesus spoke the Word, and they were healed. The Divine Word, the Pranava (the “Word of Life”), Om, was the basic factor in all of Jesus’ healing, as the Aquarian Gospel indicates. Whatever the problem, physical or psychic, Jesus healed all through Om. Om is effective when used intelligently by any human being, but when Jesus intoned Om, he spoke the Word in the fullness of his divine consciousness. His invocation possessed cosmic power. The more we meditate and refine our consciousness, the more effective our meditation and invocation of Om will become.

On some he laid his hands, and they were healed. Our bodies are repositories of creative, cosmic power, and our nervous system is continually emitting waves of subtle power, including healing power. If our touch is empowered by the continual invocation of Om over some time it can become a mighty force for healing.

To others he just spoke the Word, and they were full restored to health. But others had to go and wash in certain pools. And others he anointed with a holy oil. A doctor asked him why he healed in divers ways, and he replied, Disease is discord in the human form, and discords are produced in many ways. To know that disease is disharmony is a major insight. When we are out of harmony with the divine pattern (which includes the divine pattern for our life), discord results, and the subsequent conflict produces disease. We can alleviate symptoms by physical means and temporarily banish disease, but if the disharmony persists, the troubles will return–even in another life. Some people carry mental and physical ills with them from life to life.

Elsewhere we see that Jesus said illness was caused by “sin,” but sin is not the transgression of some arbitrary commandment by God, but rather that which is a violation of our divine spiritual nature. Sin is thought, word, or deed that is in contradiction to our innate divinity. Such a disharmony or conflict will eventually manifest as illness, defect, or deficiency of some sort. And since these disharmonies are of differing types, Jesus used differing ways to heal.

The body is a harpsichord; sometimes the strings are too relaxed, and then inharmony results. Sometimes we find the strings too tense, and then another form of discord is induced. According to the theories of acupuncture and other biomagnetic forms of healing, there are two basic conditions which produce illness: too much energy concentrated at a point or too little energy at a point. If the excess energy is drained away or the deficient energy is increased, healing will result through the body’s innate health patterns.

Disease is many-formed, and there are many ways to cure, to tune anew the mystic harpsichord. But these verses have shown us that Om is the fundamental means of healing.

Hypocrisy would interfere

“Now when the Pharisees were told that Jesus healed the people on the Sabbath day they were enraged, and they commanded him to quit the place.

“But Jesus said, Was man designed to fit the Sabbath, or was the Sabbath day designed to fit the man? If you had fallen in a pit and, lo, the Sabbath day had come, and I should pass your way, would you cry out, Let me alone; it is a sin to help me on the Sabbath day; I’ll swelter in this filth until another day?

“You Pharisees, you hypocrites! you know you would be glad to have my help upon the Sabbath day, or any other day. These people all have fallen into pits, and they are calling loud for me to help them out, and man and God would curse me should I pass along and heed them not.

“And then the Pharisees returned to say their prayers, and curse the man of God because he heeded not their words” (Aquarian Gospel 74:9-15).

Here we have the picture of professional religionists: their demands far supersede doing what is good and right. Everything must be bent to facilitate their power and gain and to conform to their official theology, however foolish and degrading it may be. This is nothing new, and it will never cease to be as long as humans are ruled by ego. In our modern times irreligion and anti-religion are jumping into the swim and being just as fanatical and coercive in the attempt to force unbelief and denial upon others. Freedom of thought is the last thing any of these sociopathic coalitions desire.

Healing death

“Now, in the evening Jesus stood beside a pool; a playful child had fallen in, and it was drowned, and friends were bearing it away. But Jesus called the carriers to stop; and then he stretched himself upon the lifeless form, and breathed into its mouth the breath of life. And then he called aloud unto the soul that had gone out, and it returned; the child revived and lived” (Aquarian Gospel 74:16-18).

In severe cases it sometimes happens that instead of only touching someone with his hands, a healer will touch the afflicted with his entire body. In the First Book of Kings Elijah did this to bring a little boy back to life, and it is said that Mahavatar Babaji did the same to prevent a man from dying. Only great masters can bring a departed soul back into the body, however intense prayer to those masters by a devotee can result in the restoration of life. My maternal grandmother once did that very thing, and there are many truthful accounts of masters responding to fervent prayer and restoring life.

Healing mercy

“And Jesus saw a wounded dog; it could not move; it lay beside the way and groaned with pain. He took it in his arms and bore it to the home where he abode. He poured the healing oil into the wounds; he cared for it as though it were a child till it was strong and well” (Aquarian Gospel 74:19, 20).

Jesus did this because the same divine spirit was in the dog form as was in the human forms he healed. The various forms of life are only rungs in the evolutionary ladder, eternal spirits inhabiting all these body-houses for a while as they continue to move upward toward release into Spirit.

I was fortunate to have an aunt who was also a healer, but her “patients” were mostly animals. Because she loved animals and spoke to them as intelligent persons, the people in our little home town laughed and sneered. But when a beloved pet became seriously ill they would phone and ask her to pray–and never did she lose a single case. So as the years went by, less and less people laughed. As we all know, dogs and cats usually dislike each other, and neither dogs nor cats respond to music–except some dogs howl when they hear it. But occasionally my aunt would go out into her front yard with her accordion and start playing and singing hymns. In a short time she would be encircled by both cats and dogs who would sit there gazing at her, listening in silence, in total harmony with one another. At the end of her concert she would speak to them lovingly and tell them they could leave. And they would do so in quiet dignity, still at peace with one another. Both Saint Francis and Saint Anthony preached to animals, including fish, and they all responded to their sacred words. Once a flock of birds flew away in the form of a cross.

Healing the heart

“And Jesus saw a little boy who had no home, and he was hungry; when he called for bread the people turned away. And Jesus took the child and gave him bread; he wrapped him in his own warm coat, and found for him a home” (Aquarian Gospel 74:21, 22).

In the gospel of Luke (4:18) we find Jesus saying that God “hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted,” and here is an example. All suffering called out to Jesus and he responded.

The law of mercy

“To those who followed him the master said, If man would gain again his lost estate he must respect the brotherhood of life. Whoever is not kind to every form of life–to man, to beast, to bird, and creeping thing–cannot expect the blessings of the Holy One; for as we give, so God will give to us” (Aquarian Gospel 74:23, 24).

No need for comment on this–only to heed Jesus’ words: “Go, and do thou likewise” (Luke 10:37).

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The Aquarian Gospel—Commentary and Text

The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening—A Commentary on the Aquarian Gospel
by Swami Nirmalananda Giri (Abbot George Burke)

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  2. Prophecies of the Births of Saint John the Baptist and Jesus
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The Text of the Aquarian Gospel—by Levi Dowling

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