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Books on Original Christianity

The Christ of India cover

The Christ of India

The Story of Original Christianity

The Unknown Lives of Jesus and Mary cover

The Unknown Lives of Jesus and Mary

Compiled from Ancient Records and Mystical Revelations

May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation cover

May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?

Robe of Light cover

Robe of Light

An Esoteric Christian Cosmology

Books on Meditation and Yoga

Soham Yoga cover

Soham Yoga

The Yoga of the Self

Dwelling in the Mirror Cover

Dwelling in the Mirror

A Study of Illusions Produced by Delusive Meditation and How to Be Free from Them

Perspective on Yoga cover

Perspectives on Yoga

Living the Yoga Life

Yoga: Science of the Absolute cover

Yoga: Science of the Absolute

A Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Foundations of Yoga cover

Foundations of Yoga

Ten Important Principles Every Meditator Should Know

Reader Reviews

Satsang with the Abbot: “This is yet another very insightful, thought-provoking and well-founded book by Abbot George, which covers an extremely wide range of topics… a work worthy of reflective study!”      –Br. Julian-Ozana
The Dhammapada for Awakening: The writing is well crafted and stocked with anecdotes, humor, literary references and beautiful quotes from the Buddha. I found it to be entertaining as well as illuminating and have come to consider it a guide to daily living.     –Reverend Gerry Nangle
The Bhagavad Gita for Awakening: [Abbot George] Burke enthusiastically explores the story as a means for knowing oneself, the cosmos, and one’s calling within it. His plainspoken insights often distill complex lessons with simplicity and sagacity. Those with a deep interest in the Gita will find much wisdom here.” –Publisher’s Weekly
The Unknown Lives of Jesus and Mary: “Stirring stories of the spiritual qualities of Mother Mary’s parents, Jesus performing miracles while still in His swaddling clothes, the inspiring faith of Saint Joseph in supporting Mary and Jesus, and my favorite chapter, The Ladakh Manuscript of the ‘Lost Years’ of Jesus in India, Pakistan and the Himalayas. A tough one to put down once you start reading.”     –Dr. William Cunningham

The Dharma for Awakening Collection

The Bhagavad Gita for Awakening

A Practical Commentary for Leading a Successful Spiritual Life

The Upanishads for Awakening cover

The Upanishads for Awakening

A Practical Commentary on India's Classical Scriptures

The Gospel of Thomas for Awakeing cover

The Gospel of Thomas for Awakening

A Commentary on Jesus' Sayings as Recorded by the Apostle Thomas

The Tao Teh King for Awakening

A Practical Commentary on Lao Tzu's Classic Exposition of Taoism

The Dhammapada for Awakening cover

The Dhammapada for Awakening

A Commentary on Buddha's Practical Wisdom

More on the Dharma for Awakening Collection

dharma for awakening header

The endless spiritual treasures of these essential scriptures have been mined by saints, scholars, and devotees throughout the ages. Through a unique combination of exhaustive study and scholarship, and insight and wisdom gleaned from personal experience, Abbot George Burke’s commentaries offer new gems that will enrich all true seekers.

The Gospel of Thomas for Awakening: This book is both a revelation and inspiration; as well as an excellent commentary and reference.   –Eugene Montgomery
The Upanishads for Awakening: Awesome! Clearly a labor of great dedication and love, this book is informative, enjoyable and filled with gems of wisdom. –Anjali Mahaldar

Spiritual Practice, Study, and Living

The Bhagavad Gita–The Song of God

A Practical Commentary for Leading a Successful Spiritual Life

Satsang with the Abbot cover

Satsang with the Abbot

Questions and Answers About Life, Spiritual Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ultimate Happiness

A Brief Sanskrit Glossary cover

A Brief Sanskrit Glossary

A Spiritual Student's Guide to Essential Sanskrit Terms

Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

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