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Prayer and the Law of Karma

Q: Since there is a Law of cause and effect or the Law of Karma is it still necessary to pray and ask God for something like world peace, settle our financial problems, ask for health, etc.? If God fulfills or answers one’s prayer does not … Continue reading

Learning in the Theater of Life

“He who imagines this [the embodied Self] the slayer and he who imagines this [the embodied Self] the slain, neither of them understands. This [the embodied Self] does not slay, nor is it slain” (Bhagavad Gita 2:19). Except for the most unfortunately wounded in spirit, … Continue reading

Getting Implies Losing

He who is to be made to dwindle (in power) must first be caused to expand. He who is to be weakened must first be made strong. He who is to be laid low must first be exalted to power. He who is to be … Continue reading

Do the Dead “Die”?

“These bodies inhabited by the eternal, the indestructible, the immeasurable [illimitable] embodied Self, are said to come to an end, therefore fight, Arjuna!” (2:18) —Krishna, from the Bhagavad Gita We are tossed about and drowned in the ocean that we are meant to sail over … Continue reading

Is Yoga a Religion?

It is commonly said that Yoga is not a religion. But since religion is derived from the Latin word religere, which means “to bind back,” and yoga means “joining,” practically speaking yoga is the only religion. The many systems of dogmas and doctrines are by … Continue reading