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Getting Implies Losing

We should live our lives intelligently and pursue that which is innately good–not merely advantageous. For the truly good does not lead to evil, but only to and increase of good. Why? Because good is the characteristic of the Tao.

Do the Dead “Die”?

In India the body is wrapped in bright-colored cloth and borne through the streets as the bearers chant over and over: “Rama Nama satya hai”–the Name of God alone is real–or a similar affirmation that spirit is real and death is an illusion.

Rudraksha Beads: A Yogi’s Perspective

It has long been considered beneficial to the yogi’s general state of health and awareness is the wearing of a rudraksha mala–a garland-string of one hundred and eight rudraksha beads, each of which is separated by a knot on the thread on which they are strung.

The Seven Lokas of Evolutionary Creation

There are seven worlds (lokas) or main divisions of relative existence. These Seven Lokas or Seven Worlds are the seven rungs of the evolutionary ladder. They correspond to the seven levels of consciousness that determine which of the worlds the individual spirit incarnates in.