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Now Available: Bio-Magnetic Therapy: Healing In Your Hands

We are happy to announce that we have re-published Swami Nirmalananda’s health classic “Bio-Magnetic Therapy: Healing in Your Hands”. It is now available as a paperback and ebook at Amazon and other online bookstores. This week the Kindle version is only 99¢.

“Wandering With The Cherubim” Now Available on Amazon

We are happy to announce that Wandering With The Cherubim: A Commentary on the Mystical Verse of Angelus Silesius–The Cherubinic Wanderer by Swami Nirmalananda Giri (Abbot George Burke) has been published and is now available at Amazon, and the ebook is available for only 99¢ for a limited time.

New Collection About Brahmacharya Now Available

The Benefits of Brahmacharya: A Collection of Writings About the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Benefits of Continence is now available as an ebook (on sale for 99¢) and as a paperback, on Amazon and other online bookstores.