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Maintaining Peace With Others

“Others may not understand that we must practice self-control, but quarreling dies away in those who understand this fact” (Dhammapada 6). What? Buddha is advocating repression? Horror! We all know how destructive repression is, don’t we? No, we do not. We only hope it is … Continue reading

The Field of Evolutionary Creation

To enable the spirits to enter into this process of growing their capacity for God Consciousness [See What is “Spirit”?], God breathes forth His own Self as the Power from which is manifested all the realms of relative existence, from the most subtle worlds of perfected … Continue reading

What is “Spirit”?

We are gods within God, finite spirits within the Infinite Spirit. But what is spirit? Yoga tells us that spirit is consciousness. We are eternal consciousnesses, each of us individual and distinct. Yet we are more. Each of us takes our being from God as … Continue reading

Your Two Selves

“Who am I?” is the age-old question asked along with “Who is God?” The true “I” of each sentient being is the individual spirit, the Self (atman). But there is more. God (Brahman) is the Self of the Self–as the ocean is the “self” of … Continue reading