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Come back often to find new, valuable and practical articles to help you in your spiritual life. Below the latest blog posts we also list some of our most well received articles.
Wisdom Quote of the Day
“The real castes indicate the ability for thought. Shudras are incapable of independent thought, and even of holding another’s thought. Vaishyas can do something or follow someone else’s thought. Kshatriyas can creatively combine several thoughts. Brahmins are those capable of independent thought.”
Abbot George Burke

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The Difference Between Soul and Spirit

Q: Since you have Christian-oriented or Christian-based material on your website, will you explain to me what the Christians mean when they talk about a “spirit” and a “soul”? They seem to be two things. Your situation reminds me of mine when after twenty years of “Bible believing” I woke up and wanted to know what the Bible meant, not

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Yogananda’s Last Days

Today is the 58th year since the passing of the great master, Paramhansa Yogananda. This is a transcript of a talk given by Dr. M. W. Lewis, Yogananda’s first American disciple, on March 10, 1952, just three days after Yogananda’s mahasamadhi. It includes his personal account of the Master’s last days. An audio file of the talk can be found

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A Practical Approach to Solving Meditation Problems

Q: I have been practicing OM meditation, specifically to get through some severe anxiety and panic I suffered after an accident (and to get closer to God). I believe I am plagued by some type of oppression and have been for a long time. I am experiencing a great amount of fear now when I meditate–despite the fact that it

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Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Cancer

We recently came upon an article on the beneficial effects of vegetarian diet in The Guardian, on of England’s largest daily newspapers. The article by Karen McVeigh details findings from a study done at the Cancer Research UK epidemiology unit at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. The article begins: For years, they have boasted of the health benefits of

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Karma and Reincarnation: Fundamental Spiritual Laws

Q: How important is belief in karma and reincarnation? Comprehending the two principles of karma and rebirth is not needful just because they are facts of universal life, but because they give us a right perspective on all facets of life itself. Without knowledge of these two fundamental laws, a “working” concept of ourselves and our lives is impossible. Seeing

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Ten Bits of Wisdom from Paramhansa Yogananda

From the Lectures of Paramhansa Yogananda How can you nourish yourself by only listening to a talk on food? You must apply your knowledge. To know food only theoretically, is to always remain hungry. So he who seeks new doctrines continuously–but does not put them into practice in his own life–is in continual spiritual starvation. • A good habit is

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This Month's Features

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Jesus in the Forest feature

Yogis Who Saw Jesus

The day our Original Christianity and Original Yoga website was launched we received an irate communication from one of those Western “Hindus” that believe they are more truly Hindu if they hate other religions–especially Christianity–and deny that Jesus ever existed. Here is our answer:

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The Many Advantages of Vegetarianism

You can indeed reap a lot of benefits by being a vegetarian and people have become more aware of the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Animal rights issues is only one of the reasons why people decide to go on a vegetarian diet. People are beginning to care more about the environment. However, the main reason why people go on vegetarian diet is because of health benefits.

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Buddha, Jesus, Swami Sivananda, Sri Ramakrishna

Seeing the One in All

In response to our recent blog posting about the reality of Jesus in the experience of India’s great yogis, we received a most heartening letter from India. I want to share parts of it with you and my reflections on it for I feel it presents the most authentic perspective on these matters.

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angry tiger

7 Steps to Misuse Your Power of Thought

Thought is power–magnetic power, particularly. That is, thought can draw or repel whatever is thought about, depending upon the polarity of the individual mind. Many times we see that people bring to themselves the things they continually think about, but we also see that thinking about something can repel it from the person.

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