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Top 7 Posts of 2013—and More

Yogananda and JesusAs each year finishes, we review the hundreds of articles and posts at, to see which ones were read most often. This year these seven articles ranked highest:

1. Yogis Who Saw Jesus

The day our Original Christianity and Original Yoga website was launched we received an irate communication from one of those Western “Hindus” that believe they are more truly Hindu if they hate other religions–especially Christianity–and deny that Jesus ever existed. This prompted us to post one of the best received articles ever  published on our Blog.

2. The Christ of India

Jesus lived most of his life in India before becoming a missionary-martyr of Eternal Truth (Sanatana Dharma) in the West. This booklet presents the full story, including the historical texts about His life in India, and the inevitable conclusions that must be drawn about The Real Jesus and His Real Teachings.

3. Twelve Pointers For Maintaining Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya (Continence; self-restraint on all levels; discipline; dwelling in Brahman) is essential for the aspiring yogi. These tips help in reaching this ideal.

4. Humans: Are We Carnivores or Vegetarians by Nature?

This is a valuable unattributed article we found on the internet, and when we shared this with our readers it immediately became one of our most popular and useful posts.

5. The Many Advantages of Vegetarianism

You can indeed reap a lot of benefits by being a vegetarian and people have become more aware of the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Animal rights issues is only one of the reasons why people decide to go on a vegetarian diet. People are beginning to care more about the environment. However, the main reason why many people go on vegetarian diet is because of health benefits.

6. The Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy

One of the best summations of this subject, by Raghavan Iyer

7. May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?

The answer is yes! That is the answer given in the Bible and the writings of Christian and Jewish theologians–many of them ancient authorities–as well as saints. The facts can be denied, but they can’t be changed. A well researched and popular article.

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As always, we hope you will share these articles with your friends by email and social media. We wish you the best for the coming New Year.

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