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Come back often to find new, valuable and practical articles to help you in your spiritual life. Below the latest blog posts we also list some of our most well received articles.
Wisdom Quote of the Day
Karma is the creation of the mind–is simply the mind in extension. Karma need not be worked out or fulfilled; the mind need only be changed, or better yet brought into complete abeyance. Then karma is no more and its attendant compulsions–including birth and death–no longer exist.
Abbot George Burke

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Yogananda blessing

Why to Stand Up for Our Religious Principles

We should not hide our dedication to spiritual life and our firmness in the observation of right conduct. When asked to betray our principles we should never be harsh or accusatory, but we must be firm in our refusal to do wrong.

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Top Ten Articles at

What pages are the most read on and the Light of the Spirit Blog? Read on, and explore more besides. There are hundreds of blog posts, as well as ebooks and more. And with spiritual writings, they never get out-of-date or loose their value: Twelve Pointers For Maintaining Brahmacharya May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation? How to Choose Your

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What is Dharma? Part 1

This post is the first of a series where we present our view of dharma, which we view as the teachings of the dharma which Jesus brought back from India. The nature of dharma First it must be stated that mere philosophy or theology is totally useless if it is not supported by a way of life that enables the

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Three Spiritual Questions

Q: Is the faith and destiny of us human beings completely due to God’s will without anything to do with our karma? In other words, is it predetermined because we have no control? Is it just like a drama, a human being only an actor, but God being the author of the scenario? In the universe, karma is the law of

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Only Flora and Fauna?

Q: Suppose everyone in this planet will not take birth again because they have attained liberation, does that mean the planet will be empty of human beings but only be occupied by flora and fauna? Is this condition possible? Individual spirits (jivas) are coming into manifestation all the time in the most basic form and evolving upward in ever more

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The True Wealth of India

Q: For nearly my whole life I have heard and read that the religion of India is what turned it from one of the wealthiest countries in the world into one of the poorest in the world. What do you say to this? A single word: Nonsense. Vivekananda, upon his return to India from the prosperous West, said that after

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An Esoteric Christian Creed

We believe in God, the undivided Unity, embracing all in oneness. We believe in the Holy and all-glorious Trinity, Who pervades the whole universe, Who dwells also in the spirit of man. We believe in Jesus Christ, the Lord of love and wisdom, first among his brethren, Who leads us to the glory of the Father, who is himself the

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Featured Articles

Jesus in the Forest feature

Yogis Who Saw Jesus

The day our Original Christianity and Original Yoga website was launched we received an irate communication from one of those Western “Hindus” that believe they are more truly Hindu if they hate other religions–especially Christianity–and deny that Jesus ever existed. Here is our answer:
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The Many Advantages of Vegetarianism

You can indeed reap a lot of benefits by being a vegetarian and people have become more aware of the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Animal rights issues is only one of the reasons why people decide to go on a vegetarian diet. People are beginning to care more about the environment. However, the main reason why people go on vegetarian diet is because of health benefits.
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Seeing the One in All

In response to our recent blog posting about the reality of Jesus in the experience of India’s great yogis, we received a most heartening letter from India. I want to share parts of it with you and my reflections on it for I feel it presents the most authentic perspective on these matters.

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7 Steps to Misuse Your Power of Thought

Thought is power–magnetic power, particularly. That is, thought can draw or repel whatever is thought about, depending upon the polarity of the individual mind. Many times we see that people bring to themselves the things they continually think about, but we also see that thinking about something can repel it from the person.

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