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Come back often to find new, valuable and practical articles to help you in your spiritual life. Below the latest blog posts we also list some of our most well received articles.
Wisdom Quote of the Day
“The thing is this: On whatever path you may proceed yoga is not possible unless the mind is still. The mind is under the control of the yogi. The yogi is not controlled by mind.”
Sri Ramakrishna

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sound pattern

The Role of Sound in Meditation

Consciousness is the root of sound–is innate in sound. Sound, then, is the direct means to return our awareness to the inmost level of our being and put us into touch with consciousness itself.

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Who Does the Tempter Master?

“The Tempter [Mara] masters the lazy and irresolute man who dwells on the attractive side of things, ungoverned in his senses, and unrestrained in his food, like the wind overcomes a rotten tree” (Dhammapada 7). There is a cosmic force of negativity that is the sum total of all the negativity, past and present, that has arisen in the history

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Bringing Forth Our Eternal Nature

A lot of time is wasted “cultivating virtues” and pursuing yogic “attainments.” As Sri Ma Anandamayi often pointed out, getting implies losing. So any artificial progress we may make will evaporate in time. To bewail our sins or rejoice in our virtues is utter madness. For neither exists. What is necessary is that we learn to bring forth, to reveal,

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The Mother’s Ever-Living Presence

  An outdoor Marian shrine is all that remains of a house that burned down during Hurricane Sandy in the Breezy Point borough of Queens, NY – about 50 houses were destroyed in this neighborhood by fire – photographed by Frank Franklin II (Visited 133 time, 1 visit today)

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A Selection from “The Catechism of Enlightenment”

We have recently added Abbot George Burke’s Commentary on some of Shankara’s works, which we have called “The Catechism of Enlightenment.” Below is the introduction to the commentary, followed by an short excerpt.  The opening verse of Shankara’s Upadeshasahasri–A Thousand Teachings–is: “We shall now explain a method of teaching the means to liberation for the benefit of those aspirants after

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Maintaining Peace With Others

“Others may not understand that we must practice self-control, but quarreling dies away in those who understand this fact” (Dhammapada 6). What? Buddha is advocating repression? Horror! We all know how destructive repression is, don’t we? No, we do not. We only hope it is destructive so we can run amok in our life-sphere and rejoice in our “healthy self-expression.”

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The Field of Evolutionary Creation

To enable the spirits to enter into this process of growing their capacity for God Consciousness [See What is “Spirit”?], God breathes forth His own Self as the Power from which is manifested all the realms of relative existence, from the most subtle worlds of perfected and nearly-perfected beings to the most objective worlds of atomic matter. They can then enter

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This Month's Features

Featured Articles

Jesus in the Forest feature

Yogis Who Saw Jesus

The day our Original Christianity and Original Yoga website was launched we received an irate communication from one of those Western “Hindus” that believe they are more truly Hindu if they hate other religions–especially Christianity–and deny that Jesus ever existed. Here is our answer:

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The Many Advantages of Vegetarianism

You can indeed reap a lot of benefits by being a vegetarian and people have become more aware of the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Animal rights issues is only one of the reasons why people decide to go on a vegetarian diet. People are beginning to care more about the environment. However, the main reason why people go on vegetarian diet is because of health benefits.

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Buddha, Jesus, Swami Sivananda, Sri Ramakrishna

Seeing the One in All

In response to our recent blog posting about the reality of Jesus in the experience of India’s great yogis, we received a most heartening letter from India. I want to share parts of it with you and my reflections on it for I feel it presents the most authentic perspective on these matters.

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angry tiger

7 Steps to Misuse Your Power of Thought

Thought is power–magnetic power, particularly. That is, thought can draw or repel whatever is thought about, depending upon the polarity of the individual mind. Many times we see that people bring to themselves the things they continually think about, but we also see that thinking about something can repel it from the person.

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