- Abbot George Burke (Swami Nirmalananda Giri) - Page 3

About Devotion to Figures of Various Religions

The saints and masters are much greater than any religion–which by its nature is small and confining. Foolish people become devoted to a religion and substitute it for God. The wise love and honor the great ones themselves.

Why Is Sanskrit So Special?

Long ago in India the science of creative sound was developed. Verbal sounds were discovered which could create desired effects when applied correctly. Sound was understood as one of the fundamental powers accessible to the human being. Many effects were found to be possible if the sound formulas known as mantras were correctly applied.

How to Deal With the Illusions of Life

Simply saying: “It is all an illusion,” really does very little. Consider how we attend a play or a motion picture and become completely engrossed in the spectacle, responding with various emotions. All the time we know it is just pretend, but that does not keep us from responding as though it were real. How is this? It is the nature–yes, the purpose–of the mind!

Yoga: Science or Religion?

Why is Yoga considered a science rather than a religion? Because it is a precise methodology that has nothing to do with faith or the action of another being–including God. If you do it, it works, if you don’t, it won’t. It is just like a machine.

Reincarnation: Choosing Our Costumes in the Drama of Life

Every time we are about to reincarnate we look at our karmic balance sheet and decide just what karmas-good and bad-shall be reaped in the next life. It is rather like plotting a drama in which we are going to be the star. Having outlined the play, we then work on our costume-the kind of body we are going to have-and the sets-the kind of place we are going to live in…

The Two Essential Pillars of Yoga

Two things are needed for the ending of mental modifications (vrittis). One is abhyasa–sustained spiritual practice. This is why Krishna speaks of abhyasa yoga. The other is purely psychological: vairagya: “Non-attachment; detachment; dispassion; absence of desire; disinterest; or indifference. Indifference towards and disgust for all worldly things and enjoyments.”