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Consciousness and Energy: A Reader’s Inquiry

Q: Gorakhnath describes God as a Oneness of Shiva and His Shakti. Do you agree with this Philosophy of a Father-Mother God?
Yes and No. For us in this relative existence, there appears to be a duality of Consciousness/Energy. But that is a misperception. There is only Consciousness.

What is Sin? – A Yoga Perspective

The Sanskrit word for sin is papam, which means harmful negativity. In the New Testament the word translated “sin” is amartano, which simply means to miss the mark, or to fall short of the ideal.

Twelve Key Concepts in Yoga

A clear understanding of the important concepts regarding yoga meditation is important to all yoga practitioners. The Sanskrit language is rich in concise terminology about the philosophy and psychology of yoga, and the Atma Jyoti Website has compiled a useful collection of these terms in “A Brief Sanskrit Glossary.”