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What Are the Many Faces of God?

Q: Reading Abbot Burke’s The Christ of India, (all in all a great book) I am a bit confused as to the disposition of Saint Thomas Christians on the matter of God? At one point, he states that they are Unitarian and at other times … Continue reading

Past Life Recall: Is It a Good or a Bad Idea?

Q: Can someone today have had “no” past lives? Could this be the start of lives? We have many, many reincarnations in lower life forms before we ever reach human form. (See Robe of Light.) By the time we are (primitive) human beings we have … Continue reading

God or Godzilla?

The following is taken from a condemnatory review of The Gospel of Thomas for Awakening that was posted on the Amazon page where it can be ordered. It is extremely revealing about the attitude toward and the concept of God held by the reviewer–and most … Continue reading