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God as the Guru

A follow-up to “Gurus: Yes or No?” Q: Can I follow the right path without a spiritual leader to initiate me and guide me? It is certainly necessary to have a guru, but everyone already has one: God Himself. Patanjali very clearly says about God … Continue reading

Gurus: Yes or No?

Q: I have practiced meditation for many years. But, I feel I only achieve a very little progress. I have tried several methods of meditation, but since it seemed to produce no progress, I soon got dissatisfied and changed from one method to another. Is it … Continue reading

Prayer and the Law of Karma

Q: Since there is a Law of cause and effect or the Law of Karma is it still necessary to pray and ask God for something like world peace, settle our financial problems, ask for health, etc.? If God fulfills or answers one’s prayer does not … Continue reading

The Difference Between Soul and Spirit

Q: Since you have Christian-oriented or Christian-based material on your website, will you explain to me what the Christians mean when they talk about a “spirit” and a “soul”? They seem to be two things. Your situation reminds me of mine when after twenty years … Continue reading