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Podcast: The “Mind” of Anandamyi Ma

Swami Nirmalananda was under Anandamayi Ma’s guidance from 1963 until her leaving this world in 1982. He made many trips to India during this time and knew many of the people in her orbit. Here he shares some stories about her unique nature.

Podcast (and Video): Saviors, or Personal Responsibility?

In this podcast, Swami Nirmalananda answers the question, “Can you talk about how Jesus is the Savior, knowing that our liberation is our personal responsibility?” First, he talks about what a Savior is, and what they do. And he speaks about our own personal responsibility for our own spiritual welfare and advancement.

Podcast: Swami Sivananda and the Song of Admonition

Swami Sivananda composed many songs in English to convey his teachings, the most famous being the Song of Ities listing such virtues as Simplicity, Purity and Charity. Others were advice and inspiration for spiritual endeavor. This Song of Admonition is the best known.

Podcast: What Is Satan?

The topic of Satan and evil is one that we should not dwell on, for Abbot George says “talking about negativity can bring the mind into the orbit of negativity.” But it is good to have a basic understanding of evil so that we can be on our guard against inner and outer evil.