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Podcast and Video of Q&A Session

We have now posted all of our past satsangs on our Youtube Channel ( where you can view both full satsangs and excepts, as well as other spiritual videos (we now have 96 videos!)

Podcast: What Happens to the Soul After Death?

The afterlife of any individual depends on the life of that individual. Each life is unique, and what happens afterwards depends on how a person lived that life, and the lives before. Learn how our karma (our actions) will determine where we go after death, and more in this podcast and video.

Podcast: The “Mind” of Anandamyi Ma

Swami Nirmalananda was under Anandamayi Ma’s guidance from 1963 until her leaving this world in 1982. He made many trips to India during this time and knew many of the people in her orbit. Here he shares some stories about her unique nature.