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The Benefits of Past Life Recall | Podcast

Past Life Recall podcastThe subject of past life recall is a broad topic. So this interview of Abbot George Burke by our friend Bianca Vlahos of PBA-fm radio in Australia is a long one—just over 53 minutes.

Among the questions Bianca asks is “What is the main value in understanding our past lives?”

Here are some of Abbot George’s comments from the interview:

“When you understand what has caused the present situation, you can often understand that situation. Often also it will tell you, or you understand then, the way you should respond to the present situation and the way to go from this point on onward.”

Regarding difficulties in this life caused by past lives:

“That’s why this stuff happens to us, for us to learn how to make a positive response to a negative situation.”

Abbot George stressed the positive aspect of our growth from life to life:

“We are an unfolding story and every life is a chapter in that story. The next chapter can be maybe much more interesting and a much more happy chapter. If we do our best to be positive in this life then we can have a positive future. We created this present life and we are right now creating our future life.”

“None of us is helpless. We are creating our own life.”

Listen to the entire podcast interview to hear interesting stories of past life recall, and the effect it can have in our lives.

If you do not see the player above (it won’t show in emails), click here to listen to The Benefits of Past Life Recall. Podcast length: 53:09 minutes.

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