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Questions and Answers About Saint Thomas Christianity

saint thomas christianityQ: Only God IS. I AM THAT. I AM BRAHMAN. MY FATHER AND I ARE ONE. How do the teachings of Advaita, Veda, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana fit with St. Thomas Christianity? Western Christianity? Eastern Orthodoxy? Catholicism?

The vital question is, how do those religious expressions fit with Sanatana Dharma? The degree of their agreement with Dharma is the degree of their validity. Dharma is the touchstone of all religious philosophy and practice.

The healings and miracles of Christ have been done by yogis before Christ and after. What does this mean and are these siddhis part of St. Thomas Christianity?

The meaning of Jesus’ miracles is simply that he, too was a yogi–and more, a perfectly realized master, an avatar. Since real Saint Thomas Christianity is the Sanatana Dharma taught by Jesus, certainly those siddhis have manifested. Saint Gregorios of ParumalaThe pinnacle of the church in India was Saint Gregorios of Parumala, whose shrine is visited by thousand of Christians, Hindus and Moslems every day. His miracles are continuous. And Saint Gregorios was committed to the restoration of Dharma to the Saint Thomas Christian community.

Can a householder be a Saint Thomas Christian?

Certainly. Millions have been and are.

How can a St. Thomas Christian participate in Satsang?

That is a completely individual matter, but should not be limited to Christian groups.

Many believe Jesus taught in Kashmir and in fact is entombed in a Shrine in Kashmir. Some ancient Kashmiri texts point to Jesus in Kashmir, do you think this tomb is the tomb of Jesus?

tomb of jesusNo. The tomb from which he resurrected in Jerusalem is one of the major centers of spiritual power in the world. But when his earthly life was over in India he released the atoms of his body into light. There was nothing to bury.

What is the advantage of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or Kerala? If “the Kingdom of God is within you,” Why travel?

The world is not the same everywhere. Each place has a distinctive vibration. Certainly the vibrations of a cowboy bar, a prison, a hospital or a holy shrine are not the same. There are centers of spiritual power on the earth, and visiting and meditating there is more effective than in an ordinary place. In India there are certain areas called tapobhumis where yoga practice requires must less time for success than elsewhere.

ramana maharshiYogis have always valued pilgrimage, but not wandering all the time. My sannyasa guru told me that he once was completely without peace due to some very negative things that had been done to him. No matter how much he meditated, he just could not regain his spiritual balance. So he decided to go on pilgrimage. At each place he visited, he experienced benefit, but still there was an undercurrent of inner unrest.

Then he went to the Sri Ramanashram in Tiruvanamalai and went into the hall where for decades Sri Ramana Maharshi had spent most of his days and nights giving darshan to people. “The moment I sat down and closed my eyes, total peace arose in me, and I was healed permanently of the spiritual wounds within,” he told me. “I can tell you that Ramana Maharshi is living in subtle body in that hall. I know.”

Finding everything within is the ideal, but only the very adept yogi is able to do that.

If ALL that is, IS GOD, then this aspect of God is writing to HIMSELF. The reply comes from HIMSELF. The only perceived separation is Illusion. We are one in Christ and God, the Father….

Anyone can say or think this, but if it is not experienced in a continuous state of consciousness, then for all practical purposes it is not true. After awhile the mind begins telling itself that since all is God and all is therefore perfection, then it is illusory to engage in any spiritual practice because we are already perfect spirit. This is the folly of The Impersonal Self that has supplied a lot of spiritual layabouts with the excuse to pursue everything in the world but enlightenment. As Yogananda said: Humans are so skilled in their ignorance. Empty philosophy can be one of the most harmful factors in a person’s life.

In St. Thomas Christianity is there any purpose beyond Lila proposed?

The idea of “all is lila” is the rationalization behind acceptance of foolish, negative and destructive behavior on the part of gurus and religious authorities–and the excuser himself. Right along with it is the “crazy wisdom” cant of contemporary Western spiritual frauds about their own ignorance and evil. Nothing in the cosmos is just for fun, everything is for the attainment of jnana–of liberated consciousness. It all means something except to those who themselves are meaningless because they identify with illusion and do not know the reality behind everything.

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