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Aspects of Our Inner Trinity

Our Inner TrinityQ: What is your perspective on the possible correspondences between the Holy Trinity and the human trinity of body, soul and spirit?

Our eternal spirit which is one with the Father “is” the father in our trinity. The higher bodies which reflect the spirit correspond to the Son, and the lower bodies correspond to the Holy Spirit, the Energy of creation.

However, the analogy is more symbolic than accurate. The Father aspect of us is our spirit’s transcendental nature, the Son is our spirit’s immanent, incarnate nature, and the energy bodies, our evolving energies in which our spirit is incarnate, are the Holy Spirit.

And all are one. As we move toward perfection, our bodies become increasingly refined until they are assumed into our spirit. For nothing but spirit has ever really existed.

This assumption is symbolized by the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, but all the mythologies and superstitions concerning that event have obscured its meaning.

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