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Your Top Ten (Tripled) for 2015

Top TenWhat  articles on OCOY.org did you read and share the most this year? What were the blog posts that you found the most useful? Which podcasts were the most informative and were downloaded the most often?

Below you will find the top ten articles, blog posts, and podcasts for 2015. Did you miss any of them? Click each link to explore our most popular content and improve your inner and outer spiritual life.

Top Ten Articles:

  1. Twelve Pointers For Maintaining Brahmacharya
  2. The Christ of India
  3. May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?
  4. Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet
  5. The Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy
  6. A Brief Sanskrit Glossary
  7. Unknown Life of Jesus Christ
  8. The Four Soul Killers
  9. Esoteric Christian Beliefs
  10. Christian Insights on Om Yoga

Top Ten Blog Posts:

  1. Yogis Who Saw Jesus
  2. How to Choose Your Spiritual Name
  3. The Many Advantages of Vegetarianism
  4. Humans: Are We Carnivores or Vegetarians by Nature?
  5. What Is Life on the Astral Plane Like?
  6. The Cave Where Jesus Stayed
  7. 7 Ways to Purify the Mind, Part 1
  8. Twelve Key Concepts in Yoga
  9. Why Are People Born with Psychic Abilities?
  10. The Thrilling Narrative of Shanti Devi and Her Past Life.

Top Ten Podcasts:

  1. How to Effectively Meditate on Om
  2. Plain Talk About God
  3. Beyond Theory and Belief to Actual Experience
  4. Yoga, God, and Gurus: an Important Perspective
  5. Why We Meditate and the Obstacles We Overcome
  6. Introducing the Yoga Life: Laying the Foundations
  7. The Yoga Life 4: Niyama, the “Do”s of Yoga
  8. The Yoga Life 3: Asteya, Brahmacharya, and Aparigraha, and the Great Vow
  9. The Yoga Life 2: A Practical Understanding of Harmlessness and Truthfulness
  10. I Meet Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh

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