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Have You Been “Born Again”?

To be born again is to be born in the spirit, which is our higher Self. It takes place when we cease living or being aware only in our physical body, our external life in this material world, and begin to experience our true, higher life as the immortal, divine Self in the greater life and being of God.

Podcast: The “Mind” of Anandamyi Ma

Swami Nirmalananda was under Anandamayi Ma’s guidance from 1963 until her leaving this world in 1982. He made many trips to India during this time and knew many of the people in her orbit. Here he shares some stories about her unique nature.

Now Available: Bio-Magnetic Therapy: Healing In Your Hands

We are happy to announce that we have re-published Swami Nirmalananda’s health classic “Bio-Magnetic Therapy: Healing in Your Hands”. It is now available as a paperback and ebook at Amazon and other online bookstores. This week the Kindle version is only 99¢.