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Yoga, God, and Gurus: an Important Perspective

podcast microphoneThe last podcast about God was philosophical, so in this podcast Abbot George will go into the practical side.

It is the goal of every sentient being to evolve and attain union with God. Evolution takes place naturally as we move up the ladder from birth to birth until the level in reached in which we take charge and engage in the much more rapid process of self-evolution.

Yoga is the means of self-evolution that culminates in conscious and perfect union with God. So we need to consider God in that perspective.

The Yoga Darshan or Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the prime authority on yoga. Patanjali was a Nath Yogi in the spiritual lineage of Gorakhnath, the greatest yogi in Indian history. Abbot George discusses Patanjali’s words on God and yoga found in the first section, the Samadhi Pada of the Yoga Sutras.

Most importantly, Abbot George talks about the proper understanding of what a guru is and is not.

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