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Unique Spiritual Podcasts at Your Fingertips

unique spiritual podcastIt has now been two years since Abbot George began making podcasts on spiritual life available for our readers.

We continually add new ones and now offer 38 podcasts on all different aspects of spirituality. We’re now approaching 100,000 downloads/listens!

We recently updated and improved our podcasts page, and would encourage you to visit and explore.

A wide range of useful and unique content

The podcasts include recordings of satsangs, radio interviews, and special podcasts on topics such as the importance of meditation and how to meditate successfully, living the yoga life (the practical aspects of Yama and Niyama and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, vegetarianism, and more), and stories of the many spiritual figures Abbot George has met in his travels to India and elsewhere.

Perhaps the most important of these are his memories of the Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, whom he had the honor to know during the last year of the great saint’s life.

Radio Interviews

Our friend Bianca Vlahos, who has radio shows on a number of stations in Australia, has done a number of longer in-depth interviews of Abbot George, including the spiritual benefits of vegetarianism, the practical teachings of Buddha, the spiritual meaning of Christmas, and the importance of understanding karma and reincarnation as foundations of comprehending our lives in this world.

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