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New Content: Text of the Aquarian Gospel

Cover of the Aquarian GospelWe will continue to add content to, and have recently added the complete text of the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi Dowling. What is the Aquarian Gospel? Here is the beginning of Abbot George Burke’s Introduction to the Aquarian Gospel:

In 1908 a book appeared on the shelves of American bookstores that was destined to garner interest throughout the world, so much so that today it has gone through more than seventy editions in America alone. This book was The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi H. Dowling. Destined to be continually derided by those who “give liking unto nothing, but what is framed by themselves, and hammered on their anvil” (From the Epistle Dedicatory to the first edition of the King James Version of the Bible.)–in other words the Bible-believing of varying stripes–it yet evoked a response in those who intuited and sought for a deeper meaning of the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Many at that time, as well as today, could not honestly accept the limited interpretation of Jesus and His words that was offered by “Churchianity”–an acceptance that would have obligated them to reject Him as but one of many misperceiving religionists of the past. For them the Aquarian Gospel was truly Light in Darkness, a fount of life-giving knowledge.

The Introduction tells much more about the Aquarian Gospel and Levi Dowling, and is well worth reading by those who would get the most out of reading the Aquarian Gospel itself. We invite our readers to explore this unique book.

In other news, we have worked hard since launching our new website to make it a better experience for readers of the site, and have greatly improved the page loading times of all of our articles. Those who experienced a slow site when first visiting will find its speed much enhanced, making it easier to browse the site and find what you need.

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