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New Book Available: All Is One–A Commentary on Sri Vaiyai R. Subramanian’s Ellam Ondre

All Is One: Ellam Ondre covers

We are happy to announce that Abbot George’s latest book, All Is One–A Commentary on Sri Vaiyai R. Subramanian’s Ellam Ondre is now available as a paperback and as an ebook at Amazon and other online bookstores. And for a limited time the ebook is on sale at 99¢.

“What is right?…It becomes necessary to realize that state which will enable us to assess the various conditions and determine what is right. That state is one only.”

Setting the tone in his preface, the Tamil author of the 19th century text Ellam Ondre establishes that his goal is to present practical Advaita; that is, to elucidate the steps on the path to Liberation, a state of consciousness that in turn affects all aspects of our life and our actions in this world. As Ramana Maharshi wrote, “If you want moksha, read and practice the instructions in Ellam Ondre – high praise indeed.

Abbot George Burke’s insightful commentary brings even further light to Ellam Ondre’s refreshing perspective on what Unity signifies, and the path to its realization. Written in the colorful and well-informed style typical of his other commentaries, it is a timely and important contribution to Advaitic literature that explains Unity as the fruit of yoga sadhana, rather than mere wishful thinking or some vague intellectual gymnastic, as is so commonly taught by the modern “Advaita gurus.”

Here is a video introduction to All Is One:

Here are a few of the reviews from early readers:

“That such a small work, Ellam Ondre, can so fully capture the essence of all of the Upanishads and Advaita philosophy is truly remarkable…What makes Abbot George such a valuable commentator is his long experience and practice in both Western and Eastern contexts. He is able both to point out those areas in which we in the West generally misunderstand the thought of the East, and then go on to give examples from the Christian Gospels to illustrate the point. His is truly an expansive, fully immersed and informed understanding.

“This volume is not only a great addition to Abbot George’s ever-growing catalog of commentaries, but perhaps a particularly valuable one. Original text and commentary present together in fullness.”      –Robert Arconti

“Abbot George Burke’s latest book… is a cautionary tale about the dead-ends, box canyons, leg traps, and like tragedies created by and for ‘people that consider there is only one way to deal with a situation, …. and who also think that one idea or principle is the whole perspective.’ Abbot George includes here a plan for remediation.”     –John Lahwn

“Swami Nirmalananda’s commentary on this historic masterpiece gives the reader clarity and insight into what our true Self represents while navigating this world of Maya, this creation of Brahma. Through his knowledge of Advaita Vedanta and his down to earth explanations of the verses, one gets a clearer picture of why Sri Ramana Maharshi told his disciples to read this phenomenal book.”     –Stanley Wroblewski

“[Abbot George] brings the writing close to the reader’s heart by emphasizing the universality of the message through references to the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, various Christian writers, and other sources.”     –Rodney Owen

All Is One–A Commentary on Sri Vaiyai R. Subramanian’s Ellam Ondre is available as a paperback and as and ebook at Amazon, and as an ebook at other online bookstores. The ebooks are available for only 99¢ for a limited time.

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