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15 Tips on Spiritual Practice from a Remarkable Saint

Gondowali Baba (Sri Brahma Chaitanya)A continuation of the Aphorisms of Sri Brahma Chaitanya (Gondawali Baba) begun with 15 Illuminating Sayings of Sri Brahma Chaitanya. A brief account of his life can be found in that article.

The insight and wisdom of this great yogi – simple yet profound, sublime yet practical – shines brightly amidst the great spiritual writings of India. We are pleased to share these gems as an inspiration and a guide of spiritual practice to yogis and spiritual aspirants everywhere.

Sri Brahma Chaitanya on Spiritual Practice (Sadhana)

1. Divine experience transforms the mind into a state which is beyond change.

2. Man is God in a conditioned state. Spiritual exercise is the process of deconditioning him.

3. Man can will his progress towards God.

4. The essence of sadhana consists in making the mind do with compulsion what it has never done so far.

5. The function of reason is to determine the present course of conduct with reference to the ideal of divine experience.

6. Man should redirect his desires to God by the aid of reason.

7. Bhakti means an awareness of the presence of God.

8. Chastity is abandoning that which makes us forget God.

9. Contemplation on the Divine implies swimming counter to the downward current of the world.

Sri Brahma Chaitanya on the Divine Name

10. The sadhaka must develop a firm conviction, an intense faith, that the Divine Name is the Reality in life.

11. He who knows that he knows nothing but the Name of God, knows everything.

12. Contemplation comes to stay when the Name penetrates the hidden layers of the mind.

13. The Name is as unseen and formless as the unconscious. It is to be practiced for the transformation of the unconscious in man.

14. Divine love arises in a divine mind alone. Practice of the Divine Name makes the mind divine.

15. A man who intends to devote himself to the practice of the Divine Name after his worldly problems are set right, never gets an opportunity to do so in this life.

More of Sri Brahma Chaitanya’s writings on spiritual practice can be found at BrahmaChaitanya.org.

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