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The New Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: Podcast, News, and More

face of Ramlalla murti with the sculptor, Arun Yogiraj

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The new Rama Temple in Ayodhya was consecrated on January 22nd, 2024. The grand ceremony, known as the Ram Mandir Prāna Pratishtha, marked a significant moment in Hindu history.

For centuries, Hindus have revered the site in Ayodhya as the birthplace of Lord Rama, the Divine Incarnation embodying righteousness and dharmic governance. Following Indian independence in 1947 many Hindus hoped for and worked for the return of many traditionally Hindu religious sites to Hindu control, including the site in Ayodhya, which had been stolen from the Hindus, and a mosque erected there instead. But the secular government worked against such aspirations for years.

The popular uprising resulting in the destruction of the Babri Masjid mosque at the site in 1992 and subsequent legal battles were the expression of the growing movement for recognition of Hindu rights. The consecration of the new temple marks the culmination of a decades-long struggle and the fulfillment of a deeply held desire to see a grand temple dedicated to Rama built there.

This event is more than the building of a place of worship. It is part of the revival of the Ancient Bharatian (Indian) culture.

Prime Minister Modi of India worships Ramlal murti in Ayodhya.

Indian Prime Minister Modi, who participated in the Prāna Pratishtha, had this to say from his historic speech after the consecration:

“After centuries of unprecedented patience, countless sacrifices and penance, our Lord Ram has arrived. Many congratulations to all of you and all the countrymen on this auspicious occasion. Our Ramlalla will no longer live in a tent. Our Ramlalla will now live in this divine temple. January 22, 2024, is not a date on a calendar. This is the origin of a new time cycle. A nation rising up after breaking the mentality of slavery, a nation taking courage from every bit of the past, creates history in this way. A thousand years from now, people will talk about this date, this moment. These are indelible memory lines being inscribed on the wheel of time.”

“Today, the land of Ayodhya is asking some questions to every Ram devotee, to every Indian. The grand temple of Shri Ram has been built, what next? Today, I feel that the cycle of time is changing. From this sacred time, we have to lay the foundation of the India of the next thousand years.”

In the following podcast and Youtube video, Swami Nirmalananda discusses the “World Significance” of the establishment of Ramlalla (the boy Rama) in his new temple in Ayodhya.

Listen and Watch here.

[If you do not see the podcast player above, you can listen to “The World Significance of the New Ram Temple” here. The podcast duration is 12:38.

Ramlal Darshan Video and Devotional Music

Ram Murti Sculptor Arun Yogiraj Reveals Ramlala Murti’s Face Has Changed After Pran Pratishtha

Arun Yogiraj talked about the changes to the murti on the Odisha TV website. He said the following:

“I spent around 10 days in the temple’s sanctum sanctorum and also during the installation day for some marking.. Lord Ram had completely transformed after the Alanakaran (ornamentation). I was sitting there and realised that it was not my work,” said Yogiraj.

According to Yogiraj, Lord Ram changed after Alanakaran ceremony and he even shared that with others who were present there. The expressions, face and eyes of Ram Lalla changed as soon as the idol was taken into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, he said.


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