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“The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening” Now Available as a Paperback or Ebook

The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening book cover

Abbot George’s newest book, The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening, is now available at Amazon here: getbook.at/aquariangospel. Subtitled A Practical Commentary on Levi Dowling’s Classic Life of Jesus Christ, this book is in two volumes. This week the 2 ebooks are on sale at 99¢ each.

Here is what one early reviewer said:

“A most Illuminating book for Current Times”
“After refreshing myself with the Levi’s Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus the Christ version that I originally was aware of in my teens, I was anxious to see what the newest version could add. I was not disappointed! It fills in so many of the areas of Jesus’ life that are missing in most books, including Bibles, in the most fulfilling way. It has successfully tied together his life in the East, understanding of the Vedas and so many other areas I hadn’t known about. I cannot say enough about The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening. Abbot George Burke’s newest book is worthy of any seeker’s time. I look forward to each and every reading.”
–Mel Halloran

What is the Aquarian Gospel?

In his introduction to the Aquarian Gospel for Awakening, Abbot George writes the following:

“In 1908 a book appeared on the shelves of American bookstores that was destined to garner interest throughout the world, so much so that today it has gone through more than seventy editions in America alone.

“This book was The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi H. Dowling. Destined to be continually derided by those who “give liking unto nothing, but what is framed by themselves, and hammered on their anvil”–in other words the Bible-believing of varying stripes–it yet evoked a response in those who intuited and sought for a deeper meaning of the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

“Many at that time, as well as today, could not honestly accept the limited interpretation of Jesus and His words that was offered by “Churchianity”–an acceptance that would have obligated them to reject Him as but one of many misperceiving religionists of the past. For them the Aquarian Gospel was truly Light in Darkness, a fount of life-giving knowledge.”

Levi Dowling and The Aquarian Gospel

What were (and are) the advantages of the Aquarian Gospel for seekers of deeper truth?

Firstly, it made no claim to be “the word of God” or even perfect–much less infallible–in its expression. Nor was it some kind of “new revelation for a new age.” It was a transcription of the psychic investigations made by Dowling into what is popularly known as “the akashic records.” It was entirely subjective and made no demands to be accepted in whole or even in part. Dowling saw and spoke; the rest was up to the reader. No promised blessings or curses were set forth to those who accepted or rejected it. That was left up to the “true believers” of the “mainstream churches.”

Secondly, it was not a translation of Jesus’ original Aramaic speech, but Dowling’s relaying of the concepts that underlay the outer words of Jesus, for that was what was conveyed in his investigations. For this reason we find anachronistic words like “harpsichord” and “photograph” used in the text to convey the idea, but not the literal wording. Whether he caught the inner meanings correctly was a matter for the reader to decide.

Nor could it be used as an authoritarian club to beat unbelievers or doubters into submission, or a razor to dissect Jesus’ words into hair-splitting dogmatics. Although its being put down in English was advantageous to those who knew that language, recourse to dictionaries could not be a basis for proving “the truth” about any passage.

Thirdly, the message conveyed in its pages was not the inbred deformity of “orthodox” Christianity, but the universal message found at the heart of all valid religions–religions whose study was recommended to better understand the person and teachings of Jesus.

(Some years back a priest of the Saint Thomas Christian [Malankara Orthodox] Church of India said to me: “You cannot understand the teachings of Jesus if you do not know the scriptures of Hindu religion.”)

Thus students of the Aquarian Gospel are urged to study Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism on an equal footing. How greatly–and blessedly–this contrasts with the bitter and hostile exclusivity of “orthodox” Christianity which cannot survive outside the confines of pious arrogance, narrowness, and ignorance.

Abbot George’s commentary

With penetrating insight, Abbot George Burke illumines the practical value of the Aquarian Gospel for spiritual seekers, and the timelessness of this classic writing. With a unique perspective of a lifetime of study and practice of both Eastern and Western spirituality, Abbot George mines the treasures of the Aquarian Gospel and presents them in an easily intelligible fashion for those wishing to put these priceless teachings into practice.

Russ Thomas says of The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening:

★★★★★  “Abbot George Burke continues to provide his readers with spiritual writings that are profound, interesting, and engaging. Whatever the subject, Abbot George seems to possess the unique ability to cover his subject with great expertise, all the while maintaining an ease that makes the reader both comfortable and captivated.

“The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening is a quite lengthy work but is never boring or a labor to read. The Abbot takes the verses, makes his comments on them, and expands the teachings exposing new vistas which makes the commentary itself quite an adventure.

“Whether you are familiar with the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, or reading for the first time, you will benefit greatly from this book. It has truly been a pleasure to read it.”

Get your copies of The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening at Amazon with this universal link. Or if you like, shop at other online bookstores.

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