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Reincarnating Backwards in Time, the Mother-God, and Other Questions

Reincarnating backwards

Q: Are our soul’s transmigrations limited to linear time? In other words, can, and is it natural, for a soul to reincarnate from, say, the 21st century, to the 13th?

It is never good to be dogmatic about anything, especially since language never encompasses reality fully or exactly. As Jesus said: “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Reincarnation usually takes place in a linear manner because as we move on from life to life we accumulate karma, which is always a forward-moving force. However much we would like to often go back and try to do better in a situation, or pick up something missed, it just does not work that way. Not doing so well in a life creates doing-better-in-a-future-life karma. As I say, karma moves us onward, even if situations are repeated in future lives.

The foregoing enquirer almost immediately sent this response:

Thank you for your prompt reply. I suppose it was just wishful thinking on my part, that it would be wonderful to sit even at the back of the crowd at the sermon on the mount.  It was a lost opportunity, I suppose. Again, thank you.

Not a lost opportunity at all! Kabbalistic tradition says that the Messiah will come twice: first as Son of Joseph and be rejected, and then as Son of David and be accepted. We are waiting for that appearance, and have a weekly Mass of petition requesting it.

So there is no reason why you and we should not be present at the second appearance. Whatever is the best for us will certainly occur.

Q: Tell me, please, where is the Mother God in Saint Thomas Christian Dharma?

Where She was originally, we have no idea because all the books from the time of Saint Thomas were burned by the Portuguese. (See The Apostle of India.) Jesus and the Virgin Mary certainly represent the divine masculine and divine feminine in God. It is sufficient for us that the basic scriptures of India present the concept of the Mother God. But to make up for what was destroyed we use The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. There we find:

“And Spirit breathed, and that which was not manifest became the Fire and Thought of Heaven, the Father-God, the Mother-God.” (Aquarian Gospel 9:16)

“And Jesus went into an ancient plaza and taught; he spoke of Father-Mother-God; he told about the brotherhood of life.” (Aquarian Gospel 34:3)

“And in the tomb I will remain three days in sweet communion with the Christ, and with my Father-God and Mother-God.” (Aquarian Gospel 127:28)

Q: One of the questions from a meditation practitioner mentioned uncontrollable movements when concentrating on the third [eye] chakra. This reminded me of what I’ve read about what happens during Latihan in Subud, though during Latihan vocalizations are also common.

In Latihan a person opens themselves and many phenomena can manifest.

Methodical meditation is quite different and produces completely different effects–especially when chakras are involved.

For over fifty years I have been observing the kind of movements described by the questioner, and they have been 100% pathological, requiring purification. But, being pathological types, they all claimed it was “kundalini” and were proud of them. Eventually they gave up yoga and stayed bent.

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