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4 Questions on Meditation

MeditateQ: Where is the atma (soul) located in our body?

The atma is everywhere in the body and beyond as the basis of the aura. Therefore there is no need to put the attention on any particular point when we meditate. The heart and the third eye are recommended only because of the character of the energy (shakti) and bhava accessed at those places.

Q: Should we focus on the atma when we do meditation since the atma is a tiny part of the God or the Atman?

The object of meditation should be identical with the atma itself. Otherwise the meditation will not lead to atmic experience (atmadarshana) or knowledge (atmajnana). This is extremely important for the yogi to realize. Otherwise a great deal of time and even an entire incarnation can be wasted.

Q: Whenever I practice meditation by focusing my mind at the third eye chakra, unintentionally my upper arms and other limbs get moving without being able to stop it. In addition to it especially when I put my hands on top of my head I feel something like cool breeze flows on may hair. What does it mean?

I have known two or three yogis who experienced this. In my opinion it is an indication of the need for the yogi’s further purification. No one but someone who can observe this phenomenon firsthand can really advise as to its nature and remedy. Sometimes it is a purely neurological problem.

Q: When we meditate should we close or open our eyes? Which one is better?

Closing the eyes is best because it removes visual distractions and reduces brain-wave activity by about seventy-five percent, thus helping greatly to calm the mind. A person who cannot meditate with closed eyes is in a pathological condition and needs the attention of an adept yogi he knows personally (not someone at a distance like myself) or even a neurologist.

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