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New Resources at OCOY.org

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We have added a number of resources to our website which readers may find useful. And we have also made more of our longer articles available as ebooks.

First, we have added a Monastic Life section. This will be a continually growing section containing writings from various sources regarding aspects of leading a monastic life. Currently this contains three books by Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, available for reading online or as downloadable PDFs. These are:

We also include three podcasts by Abbot George on Monastic Life:

Second, we have added more free PDF and Kindle downloads of our content to our E-Library.

Third, our section on Vegetarianism now includes three podcasts by Abbot George.

Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet coverFoundations of Yoga CoverFinally, we now have more ebooks available for free on Amazon. In addition to May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation which we made free some time ago, we have recently published free ebook versions of Foundations of Yoga: Ten Important Principles Every Meditator Should Know and The Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet, which also includes Christian Vegetarianism.

We encourage readers to download these ebooks to keep on your digital e-readers or computer. You can read any of our Amazon ebooks using the free Kindle App. And, as always, we appreciate it when you leave a review on Amazon for any title.

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