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Podcast: Great Yogis I Have Known, plus New Articles, Videos, & Books

New articles, videos, books & satsang

In our effort to continue to make OCOY.org a true “practical resource for the spiritual student,” we have added more valuable content which we hope you will explore, with our new articles, new videos, new books in our free eLibrary, and in our monthly Zoom satsangs, starting with a new Podcast from a recent satsang.

Satsang Podcast

Podcast of Satsang Excerpt: Great Yogis I have Known

Here is a direct link to the Podcast: Great Yogis I Have Known.


Divination & Vibrational Medicine

First, we have added two useful articles:

  • Vibrational Medicine and the Yogi:  The body and mind are profoundly interrelated. This is especially important for the yogi to realize. Health of mind and body are also profoundly interrelated. Swami Nirmalananda wrote this to share with you information about what he considers a most appropriate and effective form of therapy for a yogi: vibrational medicine.
  • Astrology and Divination:  Astrology and divination are very real and valuable tools in the yogi’s life. They are not superstition, but metaphysical science.


Next, we have been adding videos of our Zoom online satsangs with Swami Nirmalananda to our Youtube channel. A number of videos posted in the past months have gone viral. Our channel has had over 500,000 views in the past ninety days! You can subscribe to our Youtube Podcast here.

Here are a couple of the most recent videos:


Books from Light of the Spirit Press

We continue to publish new books, including three this year. We make them available in paperback, ebook, as free PDF’s in our eLibrary, and as web pages.

In our eLibrary, you can download these new free PDF titles:

  • The Inspired Wisdom of Sri Gajanana Maharaj–A Practical Commentary on Leading an Effectual Spiritual Life
  • The Inspired Wisdom of Lalla Yogeshwari
  • The Benefits of Brahmacharya: A Collection of Writings About the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Benefits of Continence

You can also read these books here online:

These books are also available as paperbacks and ebooks on Amazon and other online bookstores:


The next online one-hour Zoom satsang with Swami Nirmalananda Giri (Abbot George) is Saturday May 6th at 12:00 noon E.S.T.

[This has now past, but next month we will have another satsang. Stay tuned.]



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