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Nath Yogi Gurus: What is Their Perspective?

Nath Yogi Gurus and their perspective on gurudom

To someone who wrote about my statement that a guru is just a teacher and a therefore a book can in that sense be a guru if contact with an actual living person is not possible.

Although in India they try to deify the guru and make a supernatural being of him who “empowers” and “bestows grace” on the disciple, all a real guru does is tell the student how to practice yoga sadhana and answers any questions about the practice and experience with the practice. Naturally he may answer philosophical questions that may arise. But he is really just what the medieval Christians called a “soul-friend.”

In the sense of imparting the knowledge of sadhana, books can be a guru, for a guru is only a teacher, not some mystical guide. This was the Nath Yogi position from the beginning. Sri Gajanana Maharaj was a completely typical Nath Yogi who was willing to teach meditation to others, but was nothing more to them than a teacher and a friend. He never allowed anyone to become dependent on him.

Certainly you can email any questions you may have. But the answers will not be infallible! Only the best I can manage. Coming here has no particular value though visitors are welcome.

The yogi’s practice of sadhana is the only thing that has any real value or meaning.

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