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How To Get Vairagya (Remember These Seven Vital Points)

  1. Sensual pleasure is momentary, deceptive, illusory and imaginary.
  2. A mustard seed of pleasure is mixed with a mountain of pain.
  3. Enjoyment cannot bring about satisfaction of a desire. On the contrary it makes the mind more restless after enjoyment through intense craving.
  4. Sensual pleasure is an enemy of Brahma-Jnana
  5. Sensual pleasure is the cause for birth and death.
  6. This body is nothing but a mass of flesh, bone, and all sorts of filth.
  7. Place before the mind the fruits of Self-realization or life in the soul or Brahman or the Eternal, such as Immortality, Eternal bliss, Supreme peace and Infinite knowledge.

If you remember these seven points always, the mind will be weaned from the cravings for sensual pleasures. Vairagya (dispassion), Viveka (discrimination between the real and the unreal) and Mumukshutva (keen longing for liberation from birth and death) will dawn. You should seriously look into the defects of sensual life and into the unreal nature of worldly life.

Read this once daily as soon as you get up from the bed.

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