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Podcast: How to Become an Angel (and More)

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If you do not see the player for “How to Become an Angel” above, listen to the podcast here.

Today our friend Jonathan Mahoney asks Abbot George, “How does a human being evolve into an angel in this lifetime? How do they ‘get out of the game’”?

In this podcast Abbot George talks about the ideas of the processes of evolution in Christian and Hindu cosmologies. He then discusses the two paths of evolution: the natural path by “accumulating a lot of goodness,” and the deliberate path of evolution through yoga and meditation.

He also talks about evolving to “tapa lokas,” realms which are dedicated to intentional and intensive sadhana and spiritual practice. And he tells of people who limit their spiritual horizons by merely mundane aspirations. Listen to discover this and much more in this 20 minute podcast.

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