- Podcast: Swami Sivananda’s Humor

Podcast: Swami Sivananda’s Humor

Click here to listen to Swami Sivananda’s Humor if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 16:06 minutes.
Sivananda's humorSwami Sivananda’s joyful sense of humor are evident in today’s podcast. This includes the following incidents:

  • Sivananda’s riddle and the over-serious student.
  • The rare color film photos of Swamiji.
  • Sivananda’s omniscience regarding what was going on in Sivanandashram.
  • What it was like at satsangs with Sivanandaji.
  • Two interviews with Sivananda, and Sivananda’s important advice for success in spiritual life.

Listen to Swami Sivananda’s Humor.

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