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A Brief Sanskrit Glossary Now Available in Print at Amazon.com

We are happy to announce that we have another book available in print through Light of the Spirit Press:  A Brief Sanskrit Glossary—A Spiritual Student’s Guide to Essential Sanskrit Terms, compiled by Abbot George Burke.

As it says in the Preface of the Glossary:

“It is very beneficial for students of Indian thought, of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and other Indian scriptures and philosophical works to expand their vocabularies to include the sanskrit terms included in them. English books about these works often contain many untranslated sanskrit words because there are no concise English equivalents.”

This glossary contains 142 pages of full translations and explanations of many of the most commonly used sanskrit terms, and will help students of these spiritual treatises gain a fuller understanding in their studies.

Here is an example of some of the definitions:

Dasya: The attitude of being a servant of God.

Dasyu: Slave; a name for non-Aryans in the Rig Veda.

Dattatreya: A famous sage, son of the Rishi Atri and Anasuya. His birth was a divine boon, hence his name: Datta–“given”–and atreya–“son of Atri.” Considered a divine incarnation and known as the Lord of Avadhutas, he is often revered as the embodiment of the Supreme Guru. He is credited with the authorship of the Avadhuta Gita, the Jivanmukti Gita, and the Tripura Rahashya.

Daya: Mercy; compassion; grace; empathy.

Dayananda (Maharishi Swami): A leading reformer within Hinduism in the nineteenth century and the founder of the Arya Samaj.

A Brief Sanskrit Glossary is available at Amazon.com as a 142 page paperback. It lists for $12.95, but Amazon normally sells it for 10% off. You can still access the Glossary online at OCOY.org from our left sidebar at any time. But having a print book on hand makes study much easier. We hope if you purchase this book, that you will consider giving it a review on Amazon.

Also available by Abbot George Burke on Amazon: The Dhammapada for Awakening—A Commentary on Buddha’s Practical Wisdom, a 320 page paperback regarding which one Amazon reviewer said,

“The writing is well crafted and stocked with anecdotes, humor, literary references and beautiful quotes from the Buddha. I found it to be entertaining as well as illuminating and have come to consider it a guide to daily living.”

Get it now at Amazon.com!

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