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How to Help Ghosts and Avoid Entanglement With Them

Victorian Ghost PhotoQ: What is your opinion on ghosts? Are they departed spirits or something else?

The word “ghost” comes from the German geist which simply means “spirit.” Certainly spirits can be seen and sometimes communicated with. (The wisdom of that is debatable.)

There are many kinds of spirits, some of which are departed human beings, and they are “ghosts.” However, other kinds of spirits can be seen. There are animal spirits, nature spirits and spirits that wander in from other worlds or dimensions and get trapped here.

Some spirits are positive, some negative and some neutral. Sri Ramakrishna said to a young man who was a spiritualist medium: “My boy, if you think of ghosts you will become a ghost; if you thing of God you will become God. Which do you prefer?”

How to deal with spirits

It is good to not get too involved with spirits, especially those that are earthbound and seek help. There is some kind of “spook network” that passes around the word if you help a spirit, and others start showing up and asking for help.

One time I helped some spirits in a local cemetery, and the next time I went to a church in a distant city, the president of the church committee who had just left his body came right up to me and said: “Do for me what you did for those people in the cemetery.” If you are not careful you will be drawn into unwise or too much contact with spirits. I had to learn when to say No.

In Appendix Three of Om Yoga Meditation there are two sections called “Sending Om vibrations to an individual who is present” and “Sending Om vibrations to an individual who is not present.” You can apply the basic principles in those sections to help a spirit. But if it causes spirits to start flocking to you and bothering you, then stop doing it.

An Om Candle as described in Appendix Three can be lighted for the benefit of either incarnate or discarnate persons.

Again, be very cautious regarding contact with spirits lest you become distracted and over-involved with them. Sometimes you have to be very firm about not doing so. I speak from experience.

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