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Shall We Meet Again After Death?

meet againQ: Do you think people somehow ever meet again after passing?

Yes, we do meet again in various ways. Sometimes we see the departed, sometimes we may hear their voice, sometimes ideas or memories pop into our minds that are definitely from them, and sometimes we feel their presence.

Even more significant, often our lives are influenced by them, by events that take place which are life-changing. My life was totally changed by my grandmother on the anniversary day of her passing. Later she came and told me where she was going to be reborn and who her parents would be. When I went near her expectant mother, her presence was remarkably strong

Our monastery’s “life” was greatly changed throughout some years after the passing of one of our monks, and I fully believe that it was all his doing “from the other side.”

And of course we often meet again in subsequent lives.

Life itself is much more interesting than most people realize!

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