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Warning: Sex May Be Hazardous to Your Health (Extracts)

by Dr. Edwin Flatto

Dr. Flatto held degrees in Medicine and Osteopathy and was the author of eight books in the fields of exercise, physical therapy, and nutrition, and has authored over 2000 published articles which have appeared in leading medical, scientific, and health journals worldwide. He passed away in 2011.

Warning: sex may be hazardous to your health!

The Benefits of Brahmacharya
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…“If sex is hazardous to my health, I don’t want to know about it!” is the reaction some people will have to this book. I am firmly dedicated to the proposition that information has never hurt anyone. When a person is armed with the facts, it enables him to make intelligent decisions.…

Let us start with the premise that sex is a necessary function. Is this a true statement? Physiologically, the sex act is not in the same category as other natural, normal, bodily functions such as eating, breathing, sleeping, defecating, or urinating. Of course we cannot live without any of these bodily functions being constantly and regularly performed. But millions of healthy individuals have demonstrated that a person can live a long and healthy life without ever using the sexual function. The idea of necessity prevails because it fits in with inclination. In fact, there is no known disease attributable to abstinence, but there are many diseases attributable to the opposite condition of doing it too much. This book is by no means advocating complete abstinence or celibacy as a way of life. I am merely pointing out at the beginning that there is no harm in remaining continent. Sex is not a necessary function which must be performed regularly. The organs and glands which control reproduction are not like our muscles which must be exercised regularly in order to function properly. Indeed, the opposite is true: the reproductive glands are more efficient and potent when given a period of rest.…

The premise that sex is natural must also be rejected. It depends on how it is used. Nature obviously designed the sexual apparatus to be used for procreation, not recreation. If recreation or pleasure per se were what our Creator had in mind when He designed our reproductive organs, there would be no need for all the attention, time, and tremendous sums of money spent in searching for a reliable contraceptive without harmful or undesirable side effects.…

Man is the only animal that nature allows, in his natural environment, to perform the sex act whenever he chooses to do so. All the other animals have definite mating periods when the female will accept the male organ. These are the short periods when the female is fertile, or in “rut” or “heat.” The female dog will not permit a male dog to enter her sexually unless she is in “heat” which usually occurs about once every six months. The same pattern is followed throughout the animal kingdom. Birds generally mate about once a year or during the Spring. Sheep and goats mate once or twice a year during their mating seasons. Wild pigs mate once a year, and the elephant, in its wild state, mates only about once every two years.

Reproduction is essentially catabolic throughout the animal and vegetable kingdoms. That is, it is a movement towards death. The Pacific salmon, trout, shad, and several other varieties of anadromous fish die soon after spawning. The male drone bee dies almost immediately after copulation. Even more vivid is the sex life of the praying mantis. In his book, Love and Will, Rollo May states: “The female devours the head of the male as he copulates, and his death throes unite with his copulatory spasms to make the thrusts stronger. Inseminated, the female proceeds to eat him to store up food for the new offspring.” The black widow spider does essentially the same thing and has earned its name from this action.

In the plant kingdom, after a plant bears fruit it weakens and often dies. Farmers often make it a practice to prevent a plant or tree from “going to seed” in order to strengthen it. Most fruit-bearing trees do not produce fruit until they are five to ten years old. This allows their biological force to be transformed into growth and strength rather than reproduction.

In athletics, most coaches and trainers forbid sexual relations before a contest. Prize fighters observe strict sexual abstinence during training and before a bout.…

The human seed, of course, contains all the essential elements necessary to create another human being when it is united with the ovum. It contains forces capable of creating life. Doesn’t common sense decree that such a vital fluid be carefully conserved rather than thoughtlessly squandered? . . .

Diet unquestionably affects sexual desire and ability. Meat, alcohol, tobacco, salt, spices, and all animal products such as milk and eggs, increase sexual desire. For example, most meat eaters who become vegetarians will, within a few weeks notice a decrease in sex desire.… Animal products, especially meat, contain uric acid which irritates the joints and glands. Thus, the prostate gland, irritated by uric acid, sends a false spark to the mental processes which stimulates an erotic response. Hence, many men find themselves sexually aroused even when there is no female within miles. While flesh foods, condiments, and liquor may stimulate sexual feelings in the mind, the performance of the body is in no way improved. An example of this is demonstrated in the tiny Asian country of Hunza, where the people are predominantly vegetarian and are still virile long past the century mark.

The most virile animals are all vegetarians. Take the stallion. He can service a dozen mares. The bull’s sexual prowess is legendary.… [T]he rabbit, whose reproductive powers are axiomatic, is a 100 percent vegetarian.…

Still the myth persists that oysters, steak, liquor, etc., increase sexual ability. As I mentioned previously, stimulants increase the desire but decrease the ability. I am sure you will agree it is far better to have the desire decreased and the ability intensified!…

Many men, even after having been convinced of the harm they are doing to themselves by over-indulging in sex, still persist in their old habits. They use the excuse that for them, self-discipline in sex would be impossible. That it is difficult, I agree. But impossible–no!

It is good for you to do things that are difficult. Self-discipline is a quality that becomes stronger with use. It is a mental muscle.…

I only advocate temperance. Licentiousness debases a man’s higher nature. To assert that mankind is incapable of practicing that which requires self-restraint is to renounce man’s higher, though perhaps latent, nature. Sensual men seeking to gratify every appetite will only receive from nature their just reward: painful sickness and premature death.

Sexual gluttony

…“Priests’ Disease” is…a layman’s term and is a misnomer. It is based on the false assumption that continence or insufficient sexual intercourse must lead to congestive prostatitis.… [S]tatistically [priests] suffer significantly less from it than the general population. However, the point is if a man allows his mind to dwell on sex fifteen minutes out of every hour or more, or if he has not learned how to discipline his mind and is constantly keeping his genital organ in a state of excitement, that man is not being continent.

When a man becomes sexually excited, either by thinking about sex or physical contact, the brain sends a signal to the nervous system and the entire pelvic area becomes congested with blood. Blood flows into the spongy compartments of the corpora cavernosa of the male genital, expanding the tubular rods, making them rigid, while the outlet valves close so that the blood remains imprisoned, causing the penis to become swollen and stiff. Hormones are released into the bloodstream stimulating the adrenal glands. The metabolic rate is speeded up; sperm production increases. The prostate becomes engorged with prostatic fluid.

All of the above, of course, is the mind preparing the body for the supreme act of reproduction as nature intended it.

But foolish man has other ideas. Recreation, not procreation is his objective. A single episode will do no harm, but imagine if this erotic stimulation of the body occurs every hour of every day! It is like turning in a false fire alarm fifteen times a day. How long can a body stand this abuse without rebelling?

How can a man like this learn to discipline his thoughts? First, unnatural stimulation of the desire must be lessened. There is a commercial interest in promoting self-indulgence and over-indulgence. Sexual gluttony is glorified rather than viewed with repugnance. He must learn to recognize this and fight the inclination. He must learn to steer away from erotic movies, literature, and all the other stimuli that are unnaturally causing his mind to dwell on sex.

As has been demonstrated, caged animals indulge in sexual intercourse and masturbate much more frequently than animals in their natural habitat. The human animal acts similarly. Physical and mental inertia or inactivity must be avoided. So, the second rule is to keep the mind and body constructively occupied.

Most zoos do not feed their animal population naturally. For example, at the Central Park Zoo in New York City I witnessed gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and monkeys being fed loaves of white bread for half of their diet. Now it is obvious that no ape or monkey in their natural environment eats a loaf of bread for his dinner. His constitution was designed to live on uncooked fruits like berries and bananas, vegetables, herbs, raw nuts, and seeds. As a result of this unnatural diet, these apes and monkeys grow fat, become lazy, and either masturbate or indulge in sexual intercourse to the limit of their ability and whenever the opportunity presents itself. So, the third rule is to eat a natural diet and don’t overeat.

There are some men who try to prolong sexual intercourse by using various creams which serve to numb the penis. Others have trained themselves to hold back their climax. Sexual excitement involves not only the penis filling with blood, but all of the pelvic organs including the prostate. When the prostate is continually subjected to this engorgement, it leads to prostatitis.

After class, one of my students, a 24-year-old lad, confessed to me that he had had sex from one to three times a day for the past eight years. He never had any trouble before but now he had a urethral discharge and pain on urinating. He was medically examined and no gonorrhea bacilli were found. This man had developed an irritated prostate by over-straining himself in the sex department. The cure for this condition is simply the opposite of the cause. In this case the cause was overactivity of the sexual glands and the cure was to give them a rest by practicing abstention for a while. Remember, the organs of generation are essentially glands, and glands, unlike the muscles, do not require exercise to maintain their function. So, the fourth rule is: Don’t be a sexual glutton.

Some people’s entire lives are ones of self-indulgence. They claim that self-discipline is impossible for them. The secret of acquiring self-discipline is to practice it! It is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it becomes. Willpower is a force we are constantly testing. In our everyday existence we are either helping build this trait or participating in its destruction. The glutton weakens the power each time he overeats; the alcoholic whenever he succumbs to “another drink’; the smoker every time he “lights up.” Each time we give in to a bad habit, we help to strengthen it. Therefore, the fifth rule is: Practice self-restraint deliberately. Concentrate on the necessity, reasons, and benefits of self-control.…

The prostate

The gland most adversely affected by sexual excess is the prostate. Practically all of the functional disturbances of the prostate gland result from its relationship to sexual activity. Many people believe that prostate disorders affect only older men, but plenty of men in their twenties, thirties, and forties have prostate disorders. Even teenagers have prostate problems. More men suffer from prostate disorders than from heart disease and cancer combined. And more than 70 percent of all males over 50 have already experienced some trouble with their prostate gland. At age 60, the incidence of prostate troubles in males rises to 80 percent.…

Prostatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in men over 55. Only cancer of the lung and the lower intestine kill more men. I believe there is a cause and effect relationship between sexual abuse, prostate disorders, and the fact that women outlive men.

The symptoms which accompany prostate enlargement and congestion are widespread and varied. So, often the underlying prostatic condition is overlooked and may be more common than is generally realized.…

John H. Tilden, M.D.,…wrote: “Among my patients I discovered I had quite a number of enlarged prostates at 35 to 40 years of age and very little enlargement in men of 70 years. The prostate, being continually engorged or congested (by sexual excitement) takes on a gradual enlargement of a fibrous nature. By the time middle life is attained, the gland has become a fibrous tumor. After 40 years, those who are not dead from some so-called disease brought on by such enervation, and the contingent infections that are secondary, are still slaves to the two grand dominating functions of the body that reign over it until they are forced to abdicate to reason: namely; nutrition and reproduction. When unrestrained, these functions degenerate into gluttony and sexual debauchery. Because of this reign of sensualism, the life of a man is cut down to two-thirds of what it should be…”

As I mentioned at the beginning, the main cause of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) is sex abuse. Excessive masturbation, excessive intercourse, prolongation of sexual excitement, or excessive prolongation of coitus, can all cause a full-blown case of prostatitis. Although an occasional indulgence may not do discernible harm, repeated habitually, the injury to the sex organs must manifest itself.

Some of my patients who were young men at the time, believing that they were immune to the harmful effects of their actions, performed the sex act for hours before ejaculating. They failed to understand the physiological fact that all this sexual excitation causes the blood to fill not only the penis, but all the pelvic reproductive organs, including the prostate. When the prostate is continually engorged and subjected to this sort of abuse, is it any surprise that it gives trouble?

Then there was the 65-year-old man, a successful business man in good health for his age, who after his wife died took as his mistress a woman in her late twenties. He had sex almost daily, and sometimes twice a day, and in less than six months had severe symptoms of prostatitis which was followed shortly by a heart attack from which he failed to recover. He paid a high price for being a “swinger.”…

Preventing and correcting constipation and prostate disorders
…[A]t least 75 percent of all civilized men past the age of 50 can expect to experience at least some degree of prostate trouble. Sexual abuse is undoubtedly one of the main causes of prostatic congestion and enlargement. However, there are other contributory causes of prostate disorders. The principal ones, in my opinion, are lack of proper exercise and constipation. Conversely, proper exercise and correcting poor elimination can also be a large part of the solution.…

The normal prostate is approximately the size of a walnut and encompasses the neck of the bladder. When it swells it cuts off the tube leading from the bladder and impedes the free flow of urine. When the prostate becomes a problem, too often the only solution offered is “cut it out!”…[The author then describes various exercises designed to cure prostate problems.]

The value of seminal conservation

“The scientists of old have put great value upon the vital fluid and they have insisted upon its strong transmutation into the highest form of energy for the benefit of society.”  Mahatma Gandhi, 1959

Since the beginning of recorded history, sex and reproduction have been uppermost in man’s thoughts. Ever since primitive man realized that there was a cause and effect relationship between sex and reproduction, he has ascribed a sacredness to the organs of generation.…

Primitive tribes and savages also had very strict taboos on sexual intercourse and certain sex practices. The general principle which such taboos express is that sex is a sacred force and is incompatible with certain conditions of the body as well as certain occupations and must not be allowed to interfere with them.…

In a study made during the Robert Mond Expedition to New Guinea (1914 to 1918), Dr. Bronislaw Malinowski, in his book, The Sexual Life of Savages in Northwestern Melanesia, describes some of the social customs: Sexual excess, sexual greed, or forwardness is regarded as bad and despicable in either men or women, but more especially in women.… There are a number of pursuits which, while in progress, entail abstinence from sexual intercourse and even all contact with women; such as, for example: war, overseas sailing expeditions, gardening, and certain magical rites. There are also a number of conditions under which coitus is forbidden. It is suspended during menstruation, and forbidden during pregnancy, until after weaning.…

An average ejaculation is about 2 to 5 cubic centimeters of semen and contains from 200,000,000 to 500,000,000 sperm.

Each one of these millions of sperm carry 23 chromosomes, split chromosomes, prostaglandins, genes, electricity, and all the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals necessary for the creation of another human being. In other words, it contains the life force.

These sperm are produced in the testicles. Now in many species of animals and birds the testicles do not produce sperm cells during most of the year, since nature wants to conserve this vital substance. Usually only during the autumn breeding season does nature permit them to burst into activity so that conception will take place in the Spring, the most favorable time for growth and development of the new entity. But in man, the testicles are capable of producing sperm continually, year round, if called upon to do so. It is a self-regulating mechanism. During sexual excitement much larger amounts are produced. Some men allow themselves to continually be in a state of sexual excitation and are continually manufacturing large quantities of sperm and prostatic fluid. It is as though they were driving their car at 100 miles an hour all of the time. This, of course, is unnatural and will eventually result in physical and mental bankruptcy.…

Besides being a factory for the manufacturing of sperm, [the testicles] produce male hormones, or androgens, such as testosterone.… [I]f not ejaculated, [they] go directly into the blood stream and are carried to every part of the body. They stimulate the pituitary gland and creative centers of the brain.…

[Semen] is not a substance to be wasted lightly.… [T]he faster you use it, the more the body is forced to produce.… Your blood stream [takes] the raw materials from every part of your body, including your brain, and transport[s] them to the gonads to be used to replace expended resources.…

Venereal disease

“My wounds stink and are corrupt because of my foolishness. For my loins are filled with a loathsome disease; and there is no soundness in my flesh.” King David, Thirty-Eighth Psalm

Venereal diseases are as old as history.… No nationality has escaped this abominable scourge of humanity. Syphilis was often more responsible than military action for the outcome of wars as it swept through Europe in the 1500’s, disabling entire armies. The French called it the Italian Disease; the Italians, Germans, and British called it the French Disease; the Japanese called it the Castilian Disease. It was called the Disease of the Portuguese by the Persians; the Disease of the Germans by the Polish; and lastly, the Disease of the Polanders by the Russians. John Fernelius (1497-1558) is usually given credit for coining the term “venereal disease” and adopted it to “prevent national hatreds increasing from such foolish reflections.” . . .

[T]he most insidious consequence of all [the] methods of artificial birth control is that they establish habits of self-indulgence rather than self-discipline, and physically deplete the vital resources in the man and enervate the entire nervous system in the woman. Clearly, the safest, surest, and cheapest method of preventing venereal disease as well as conserving the vital resources of the body is to avoid promiscuity and illicit sex relations.…

Can any reasonable person consider…sex gluttony anything but abnormal and unnatural? Is not nature, in her sometimes unfathomable wisdom, trying to tell us something? I firmly believe that all disease is a result of violating the laws of nature.…

How can a few fleeting moments of sensual gratification possibly be worth the risk of ruining health and future happiness?…

The Pill, IUDs, and King Henry VIII

Most of us have heard of the ancient Romans’ and King Henry VIII’s banquets, during which they gluttonously ate all that their stomachs could hold, and then promptly induced vomiting so as to empty their stomachs for further gorging. Their gluttony was not for the natural purpose of nourishing their bodies but was merely to derive sensual pleasure from the eating.…

[A] reasonable corollary can be drawn between this ancient custom of sense gratification in eating, which is today so repulsive to all of us, and the modern contraceptive devices which attempt to accomplish the same sense gratification in the area of sex. These devices are, of course, designed to circumvent the natural consequences of a natural act. They attempt to pervert the obvious intention of nature by using sex as an instrument solely for recreation rather than procreation.…

[A]ll unnatural methods have either health or aesthetic reasons against them. They also teach people that they can use a “trick” or “device” to avoid the consequences of their actions. That these devices don’t always work is attested to by the high number of abortions that are performed each year.

While the pleasure of sex for its own sake may be momentary, the unhappy consequences linger on. The birth control pill has led to much overindulgence in sex, but has not produced more satisfying relationships. The quantity of sex has increased but the evidence indicates that the quality of love and unselfish enjoyment has decreased.…

Advertising, cosmetics, clothes, movies, books, television, newspapers, magazines, theater, night clubs, and bars are all designed to stimulate and increase the sex desire. Even what we eat and drink stimulates it.… In man, like the other animals, inactivity and over-eating increase sexual desire and increased sexual activity increases the desire for food. It is a vicious circle.…

For millions of years man has existed on this planet. Until relatively recent times, no thought had been given to artificial methods of birth control as a means of stopping man’s overpopulating the earth. Suddenly we are informed that man is no longer capable of exercising self-restraint in the area of sex. That only mass acceptance of birth control drugs, contraceptive devices, abortions, and emasculating surgery can save the world from famine, pestilence, and a disastrous world war.

Most people will agree that overpopulation needs to be controlled. But again, the law of cause and effect is being overlooked. Every one of us was born endowed by our Creator with all of the attributes necessary to exercise self-control over our passions. But we have been carefully taught, mostly by example, that self-discipline is not possible.

Self-discipline is a quality that must be developed through practice until it becomes second nature or automatic. It is mental muscle, and like any other muscle, it becomes stronger through use. Experience and history have amply demonstrated that self-indulgence as a way of life downgrades the culture, weakens the character, and reverses the upward evolutionary development of people.…

Sex has become an exploited debauch instead of a God-given biological force. Nature binds health, wisdom, happiness, and virtue together by an indissoluble chain. The common hope of all mankind is that a more self-disciplined and more enlightened humanity may soon emerge.…


There is little doubt that there has existed and still exists a double standard of sex ethics. Men have always had a very low standard, or no standard, of sex ethics to live by, while women have had a high standard to which they were expected to conform. Low-cost and easily obtained abortions, birth control drugs, IUDs, and other contraceptives have largely overcome women’s biological restraints by allowing them to indulge in sexual relations limitlessly without the natural consequences of pregnancy and childbirth. Women may now indulge in sex, not for the natural purpose of creating another human life, but for the sole purpose of pleasure. Instead of insisting that man rise to her higher standards, woman has lowered her standards to equal his and considers this “liberation.”

While men physically excel women in strength, there is overwhelming evidence that women exceed men morally. Women have been treated as chattels and sexual conveniences by men. Indeed, throughout a great part of the world, they are still so treated. Men in the western cultures are possessed by sex. They seem to be in a chronic state of sex irritation and are ready to indulge in sexual intercourse with any female at almost any time. This is not the case with the female who has to be psychologically prepared before she is willing to accept the advances of the male. The violence and crime that has now become so commonplace, by and large, was brought about by men, not women. Our prisons are not filled and overflowing with women, but with men. Wars are started and fought not by women, but by men. Pornographic books, magazines, and X-rated movies have been supported by a predominately male clientele; not a female one. The sensuous man is only too happy that women have sunk to his level and given in to his lusts. Abortions, birth control pills, and all the rest of these devices permit him to use her body for his lusts and the foolish women who have not yet learned how to say “no” think they are being “liberated” by all this!

Even under the best medical conditions legal abortions sometimes result in uncontrollable hemorrhaging, blood clots in the lung, anesthetic deaths, septic infections, perforation of the uterus, hepatitis, and sterility.

After a woman gives birth to two children, “there is a steady rise in the infant mortality rate,” and each succeeding offspring is slightly weaker, assuming everything else remains equal. An abortion can be as physically draining on a woman as if she actually gave birth. Some women even use abortions as their only means of birth control and have several abortions before finally giving birth. Those children, born after the abortion will be genetically handicapped and less likely to survive compared to their brothers and sisters born before the abortion(s). Therefore, an abortion may even penalize a woman’s future children.

Another latent effect is that the scarring from an abortion induces early labor and miscarriage in later pregnancies. Is that fair to future children?

And what will it do to the moral and spiritual evolvement? Abortion thwarts the ends of nature. It degrades the individual as well as the entire human community of which they are members. Self-indulgence rather than self-discipline must become a way of life under such circumstances. How can people learn respect for the sacredness of life? Because a baby in its mother’s body cannot communicate with us does not mean that he or she does not have the right to live. Human life is sacred. Man’s upward spiritual evolvement depends upon his recognizing and practicing this universal principle.

Women, too!

A woman’s sex life is reflected in her personality and demeanor even more than a man’s. Promiscuity hardens a woman and it is often mirrored in her facial expressions and conversation. It detracts from her natural softness and sensitive nature, making her callous and hard. While overindulgence in sex bankrupts a man’s vital physical resources, in women it enervates the nervous system and causes nerve depletion or neurasthenia.

Too much sex, probably more than any other factor, ages a woman, in some cases, even more than it does a man. It is common knowledge that prostitutes, who work at it intensely, age quickly. Too much sex and different partners stretch a woman’s vaginal and perineal muscles, leaving them flaccid, inefficient, and desensitized.…

Women, of course, have to face the biological consequences of sexual intercourse, namely pregnancy. Abstention is the best method of contraception. It is 100 percent safe and is 100 percent certain to prevent pregnancy. In addition, it is natural, has no side effects, and is available free of charge, without a prescription to everyone.… There is no artificial method of contraception that can do all this. The most efficient artificial methods of contraception also have the most serious, harmful side effects for the woman.… [A]ccording to a two-page advertisement in a leading medical journal read mainly by doctors, a popular birth control pill takes an entire page to list all of the Warnings, Contraindications, Precautions, Adverse Reactions, etc., such as: Thrombophlebitis, thromboembolic disorders, cerebral apoplexy, impaired liver function, thrombotic disorders, cerebrovascular disorders, pulmonary embolism, neuro-ocular lesions, retinal thrombosis, optic neuritis, gastro-intestinal symptoms, breakthrough bleeding, spotting, change in menstrual flow, amenorrhea, edema, chloasma, melasma, breast changes, weight gain, cervical erosion, suppression of lactation, cholestatic jaundice, migraine, rash (allergic), rise in blood pressure, mental depression. The following adverse reactions have been reported: Pre-menstrual-like syndrome, loss of sex desire, headache, nervousness, dizziness, fatigue, backache, hirsutism, loss of scalp hair, erythema multiforme, erythema nodosum, hemorrhagic eruption, and itching.

And there is, of course, one other adverse reaction that is not listed–DEATH.

Too frequent sexual intercourse increases a woman’s chances of getting cancer of the cervix. Women starting sexual relations at too early an age also increase their chances of getting cervical cancer.…

Love versus sex

“Love and lust are as far asunder as a flower garden is from a brothel.”  Henry David Thoreau

Love and sex are antagonistic to each other. They are different in origin and nature and are based on opposing principles. Sex can be casual about its object; love cannot. Love is always a personal relationship; this is not necessarily so with sex.

Love by itself is elevating; sex by itself is denigrating. Pure love is ennobling; pure sex is demoralizing. Love is invigorating; sex is enervating. Love is unselfish; sex is self-seeking. Love is spiritual; sex is only physical. The trouble is we tend to confuse love and sex in a state of intense infatuation.…

Nature has provided that the reproductive seed of all life forms contains the vital forces and most valuable material to best propagate its species. To squander this vital substance as a form of amusement or to satisfy one’s carnal urge is to dissipate one’s health and strength.

In all forms of life, the sexual act is essentially catabolic, or a destructive utilization of energy, in the male. Important body cells are sacrificed in order to provide for reproduction. Nature, of course, deems the continuation of the species worth the sacrifice. When the reproductive cells, or semen, in the male are not used, they are returned to the bloodstream to be utilized by the body for other purposes essential to the highest welfare of the individual organism.

This is the physiological basis upon which sexual discipline is predicated. In our present-day society, however, the sex urge is generally pandered to and exploited.

When a man overeats and as a consequence suffers gas pains and indigestion, the “cure” lies in the removal of the cause. Obviously he should stop eating for awhile and allow nature a chance to normalize the condition. Instead, human frailty is encouraged by cures in the form of nostrums and palliatives.

Likewise, if people continually overuse their genitals for self-indulgence and eventually reap the consequences of their actions, the cure lies in their becoming aware of the havoc they are doing to their bodies and learning the benefits of self-discipline.

In the present era, birth control pills have also become indicative of a way of life. No honest concern of the consequences is generally given unselfish consideration. The effects of birth control drugs may well prove disastrous not only to present but to future generations as well.

However, even if there were no danger in the pills per se, they are still pernicious. It is the same school of thought that prescribes drugs as a remedy for overeating. Man must learn that nature intended food to satisfy hunger, not as a form of amusement. Likewise, nature planned sex for procreation. The laws of our creation cannot be violated with impunity. Overindulgence in sex leads to complete mental and physical bankruptcy. As I have said, what is on trial here is not birth control pills per se, but a perverted attitude towards life which necessitates such measures. Self-indulgence rather than self-restraint is the dominant aspect of our society. Rather than practice control and self-discipline, we prefer to search for new nostrums so we can delude ourselves that our God-given biological force of procreation can be corrupted into lustful pleasure-seeking without penalty.…

Sex and your heart

There is no simple answer as to how much sex is damaging to the heart.… [Various] studies agreed on several points:

1. The heartbeat of the men generally ran faster than that of the women.

2. The heart rate accelerated greatly during intercourse, as much as 100 beats in a sixty-second period.

3. Close to orgasm and during its height a large number of abnormal and skipped heartbeats showed up. These did not appear on the ECG later on when the volunteers engaged in nonsexual exercise.

4. Beginning with foreplay, the heart rate speeds up in uneven spurts, the blood pressure rises an average of 40 to 80 mm systolic and 20 to 50 mm diastolic, the respiratory rate increases sharply (in some instances both husband and wife had close to seventy breaths per minute at orgasm).

Physiologically, sex and exercise are opposite to each other in their effect on the body. The sex act is essentially catabolic (destructive metabolic action). Sexual stimulation causes the blood to become congested in the pelvic and reproductive organs of the body. Sexual intercourse entails the loss of vital fluids containing the most essential elements and hormones. Sex weakens the individual and places a strain on the heart.

Exercise is anabolic (constructive metabolic action). It entails bodily action which develops and maintains physical fitness. It is essential movement for keeping the muscles strong and healthy. Proper exercise benefits and strengthens all the vital organs, improves the blood circulation, and strengthens the heart muscles.…

In conclusion

The world is now influenced by materialistic tendencies which make a sensate life the end or object of living. Science is being used to seek out new techniques for mechanical, chemical, and surgical means of thwarting nature’s purpose. There are those who seek to completely separate and unlink the sex act from its supreme purpose and consequence of reproduction of the species. They are announcing to the world that humanity is no longer capable of exercising voluntary control over copulation, which is the necessary act leading to the creation of another human being.

It is true that the sex act can, in fact has, become addictive, like alcohol and cigarettes; but by the same reasoning, it is also true that it can be curbed and brought under voluntary control. Man is capable of understanding that he is responsible for his actions; that the sex act is not always the most desirable and socially acceptable means he has at his disposal to express empathy and love for another human being; that it is not always necessary to resort to carnal sensuality. Self-discipline is an inherent quality all of us possess and it is entirely within our power to use it for self-realization.

Humanity must learn that the sex act is a serious matter with profound implications which do not affect just the two persons involved, but also affect the future of the human race. We must learn that copulation is not a toy to be used for entertainment or for lack of something better to do, but that it is a profound and meaningful act.…

I see the barbaric and cruel practice of raising animals for slaughter, birth control pills, abortion on demand, murder, war, gas chambers, and atomic annihilation as part of a sequence of events resulting from a denial of the universal principle that life is sacred.

I only advocate temperance. All sex involves a sacrifice to the body. There is a price tag attached.

Whether or not it is worth the price is up to you!

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