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Visit Our New Updated Website

New OCOY.org website launch

We are happy to announce that we have made a major update to the OCOY.org website to make your experience on the site better in many ways.

  • Easier to read.
  • Easier to find what you need.
  • More mobile friendly.
  • A more pleasing visual experience.
  • More content.

And this is just a start.

All the features you have have enjoyed in the past have been improved. 

Light of the Spirit Blog

Light of the Spirit Blog Features

The blog is easier to navigate, with the most recent blog posts, and includes featured content and a daily wisdom quotes section.

E-Library and Podcasts

e-library books

The E-Library has more up-to-date FREE PDF downloads, as it is easier to find what you need.

The Podcast section has also been made faster, and we will continue to improve podcast loading times. New podcasts will be a regular feature here and in our newsletters. We also link to the most popular podcast apps should you wish to subscribe to the Light of the Spirit Podcast feed on any of them instead of listening on our website.

Four Ways to Read

4 ways to read

Much of the content on our site is now available for reading in four ways: for free online, as free PDF downloads, as ebooks, and as paperbacks (and we are now working on hardbacks). We have a special “Explore Our Books” page which lists all the books we offer, with links for accessing each of them in the four ways listed above.

We have also created special introductory pages for each of our online books, with a brief introduction, what readers say about the books, short excerpts from each book, and links for reading, downloading, or purchasing.

Easy to find what you need

4 thumbnails graphic

We now have a convenient and unobtrusive drop-down menu in the header, where you can explore the main articles in our Original Christianity, Original Yoga, Dharma for Awakening, and Monastery sections. 

Jesus as "The Christ of India" available in 4 versionsWe have also added a new section with new articles called “Where to Begin,” which will make it easier for new visitors to become familiar with concepts and topics which might be new to them. And in our “Discover More” section you can easier to buy our books from Amazon and our sacred art from SacredVisionsArt.com.

OCOY.org will continue to grow, with new articles, books, podcasts and blog posts being added on a regular basis. Subscribe to our newsletter in the top of our right sidebar or in the footer of every page, if you have not already done so, to keep up with the latest news.

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