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Understanding Karma as the Basis of Reincarnation | Podcast

understanding karma podcastIn a followup interview with Bianca Vlahos of PBA FM radio in Adelaide, Australia, Abbot George discusses the importance of understanding karma as the basis of reincarnation. With this understanding, we can begin to comprehend our present situation in life, and we can become empowered to create our future.

Abbot George says in the interview, we are meant to take charge of our lives, but we cannot take charge of what we do not understand. Dr. Morris Netherton, founder of “Past Lives Therapy,” often said that we rarely respond to an actual event in our lives but that we are responding to an event in a previous live that the present event reminds us of.

Bianca asks Abbot George about the connections between people we meet in this life, and how we react with them, and our having known them in previous lives. He answers with examples both in his own life and those of others that illustrate the relationship between this life and past lives.

If you do not see the player above (it won’t show in emails), click here to listen to Understanding Karma as the Basis of Reincarnation. Podcast length: 50:30 minutes.

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