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See Our New Book on Reincarnation at

In our ongoing effort to provide the content of in printed form, this week we launched Abbot George Burke’s May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation? in paperback and Kindle format at

A quick synopsis of the book is found on the back cover:

“May a Christian believe in reincarnation? The answer may surprise you. Reincarnation–also known as the transmigration of souls–is not just some exotic idea of non-Christian mysticism. Nor is it an exclusively Hindu-Buddhist teaching.

“In orthodox Jewish and early Christian writings, as well as the Holy Scriptures, we find reincarnation as a fully developed belief, although today it is commonly ignored. But from the beginning it has been an integral part of Orthodox Judaism, and therefore as Orthodox Jews, Jesus and his Apostles would have believed in rebirth.

“This historical study of reincarnation in both Judaism and Christianity cites many authorities of both traditions, including many Christian saints and Fathers of the Church, as well as both Old and New Testaments. In our opinion the testimony of orthodox Judaism, ancient Christianity, and the Bible is sufficient to answer the question: May a Christian believe in reincarnation?”

The book is getting good reviews so far, and we would love to have your reviews added to the Amazon page also. It is a short booklet, at 48 pages in 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ format, with valuable information for those seeking

“a complete compilation and investigation of the ‘evidence’ available in ancient Christian/Judaic writings on the subject of reincarnation….Highly recommended for anyone struggling with seemingly contradictory beliefs or simply wanting further insight into the foundational beliefs of early Christians,”

as one reviewer put it.

Get it now at
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