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Reading the Akasha: Can We Know What is Right?

Levi Dowling - Reading the Akasha

Q: If Levi could read the Akasha and made a wrong statement on the reincarnation principle, how can we be sure that his other statements are correct? Can Levi be right on one point and be wrong on another point? If so, how can we know what is right?

We cannot. He never claimed that everything he dictated was absolutely true–only that he experienced what he described while in a state of higher consciousness and was taken down by his wife.

Sri Ramakrishna said that all scriptures are like a mixture of sugar and white sand. We have to be like a wise ant and take the sugar and leave the sand. And that means we have to trust ourselves. Can we be sure of that?

Looking for an infallible source of information is a vain endeavor. No teacher and no book is to be followed and believed implicitly. We have to use our own judgment and realize that we can be wrong. This is why SADHANA is the only thing we should consider as essential and the final word. And the results of that sadhana have to be judged by us. So whatever path we take it leads us right back to us and the fact that we are ourselves totally responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds. We sow the karma and we reap it.

Q: Rudolf Steiner was reading the Akasha too and he mentioned two different Jesus Children. Levi speaks only about one Jesus child. Was Steiner wrong? If he was wrong what to think about his other statements?

Here is my fallible opinion: Steiner wrote nonsense most of the time, and when he wrote about truth skewed that, also. I don’t say this lightly or without a background knowledge regarding him that I do not want to discuss. A person has to make up their own mind.

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