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Prayer, Dharma, and Meditation: 3 Questions

Prayer, Dharma, and Meditation

What do I need to do to get God to answer my prayer?

There is little value in wanting to get God to do what we want. He already knows what is needed, and takes care of it all.

What is of value is our wanting to do what God wants! And since he has manifested this entire universe for the sole purpose of our evolving and attaining perfect knowledge (Brahmajnana/Atmajnana), that is what we should be wanting, as well. The Bhagavad Gita explains it very well, making the conclusion: “Therefore be a yogi” (Bhagavad Gita 6:46).

To someone who asked about a yogi’s personal dharma and it fulfillment when there seem to be conflicts between his dharma as a yogi and his dharma in following a profession in the world.

Dharma is vast, never just one little point in our life. The observance of yama and niyama is the fundamental dharma of everyone. Then there is our swadharma which is based on our own personality and karmas. And the swadharma of every human being is to realize the Self. Of course those that are adharmic can always find specious reasonings to twist these principles–or ignore them.

Never does a yogi allow anything to take priority over his spiritual life. Yet he must be able to fulfill his outer obligations. If there is continual conflict, though, then he should seriously consider changing his profession.

To someone who asked if the practice of Soham Yoga was itself sufficient in leading a spiritual life.

Yes, the japa and meditation of Soham and the observance of yama and niyama are sufficient for spiritual life. Most other things considered spiritual are irrelevant and distracting. Of course such things as spiritual reading are very beneficial.

The purpose of Soham Yoga is the simultaneous realization of the yogi’s individual Self and the Supreme Self, God. Dedication to the practice is definitely dedication to God.

Soham is the fundamental vibration/consciousness of both the Divine Absolute and the individual spirit. It is the true, eternal Name of God and our own Self.

Please read Soham Yoga carefully and completely, and note anything you would like to ask about.

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