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Possession and Obsession by Negative Entities, and How to Protect Yourself


Q: What is “possession” by spirits? It is the same as “obsession”?

This is a most important subject. Possession by negative entities is absolutely possible, although obsession is much more common. Let us look at both phenomena.

What possession is

Possession occurs when an entity actually enters into the body of a physically living being (it need not be a human being–evil magicians often use animals as “mediums” for the vile spirits they traffic with) and dwells within it as the controller of its life. That is, the entity is virtually incarnated in that body.

What happens to the rightful owner of that body? Usually he is expelled from the physical body (that is, his astral and causal bodies are pushed out of integration with the physical body) but remains within its aura.

On occasion, though, the invading entity snaps the connection the person has with his body, and he “dies.” This can be detected by physical means: such a possessed body will have no pulse, but rather a kind of heavy vibration or current that moves the blood through the body since the heart has become deactivated. (A living possessed person can also be diagnosed through the pulse. The heart will be found to beat for a few strokes and then be suspended for several strokes, then beat a few times more, then be suspended again. This pattern will continue until the possession is ended.)

If the rightful owner is astrally powerful, he may be able to push the invading entity out, at least for some time. Thus in some cases the possession seems to come and go. This is often mistaken for multiple personality, just as multiple personality is often mistaken for possession.

The purpose of possession is to live in a physical body, usually for sensual experience of some kind, though some very evil entities take over bodies to work for evil and the corruption of the world.

For true possession to take place, an entity’s astral and causal bodies have to be very like the body of the victim. Since this is rare, the phenomenon of obsession is more common.

What obsession is

Obsession occurs when an entity attaches itself intimately to the aura or body of an individual, sometimes even invading the body and lodging within it–usually within some organ. From its hold it attempts to control the behavior, and often the physical condition, of its host.

Its desire is complete possession, but it takes what it can get. Often it works to weaken the physical health of its victim so it may become possible to accomplish a possession. Obsessing entities are often human beings that were addicted to sex, violence (including murder), drugs, nicotine, or alcohol.

Rather than going on and getting another body in a legitimate manner by being born again, they are earthbound because of their cravings. They incite those they obsess to engage in sex, violence, drugs, nicotine, or alcohol so they can get an indirect form of experience.

Sometimes they are able to momentarily possess the victim at the height of those activities. For example, if the host gets so drunk he passes out, they momentarily possess him until he begins to sober up and come to. They may possess a host when he is at the peak of a drug “high,” or at the moment of orgasm.

The kind of entities that are addicted to sexual energies usually incite their victims to commit acts of violence as well as (usually perverted) sexuality so they can get a high off of those distorted energies as well. This is also why many (truly) very gentle people become violent when they are drunk.

Those who ingest meat, alcohol, drugs, or nicotine are extremely susceptible to obsession. The sad truth is that nearly every person in the modern world is obsessed to come degree.

Protection from obsession

How can we guard against obsession? By abstaining absolutely from those elements whose low, deranged, or toxic vibrations make us susceptible (and this includes meat, alcohol, drugs, or nicotine); by eating food that is both pure and blessed; by wearing objects of sacred power; by keeping objects of sacred power in our environment. And most of all by regularly meditating.

One of the major purposes of spiritual discipline is to regain control of our physical and mental bodies and powers.

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