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Podcast: What Is Maya?

What Is Maya? Podcast

In today’s podcast our friend Jonathan Mahoney asks Abbot George “What is Maya?” Abbot George’s answer covers various aspects of Maya:

  • Maya as the hypnotic power of creation.
  • It is mistaking the Unreal for the Real.
  • It is caused by our instinctive reactions to sense perceptions.
  • He explains the common simile of mistaking a rope for a snake.

He stresses that the Shakti of creation is real, it is our perception or understanding that is unreal. Maya, illusion, is in our minds. Abbot George shares a number of stories to illumine these ideas.

This podcast is 11:15 minutes long. If you do not see the podcast player above (it won’t show in emails), you can listen here: What Is Maya?


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