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Podcast: What is Mahashakti?

Mahashakti - Durga Devi

Recently our friend Jonathan Mahoney visited us, and he had a number of questions for Abbot George during that time, which we recorded and will share in the coming months as podcasts. His first question was “what is Mahashakti?”

In his answer, Abbot George discusses the “Great Power” (the meaning of Mahashakti) as the entire range of relative existence, composed of vibrating energy. There is nothing but Consciousness. But when Consciousness does not move, we call it spirit. When Consciousness moves, we call it energy or shakti or power.

He talks about Mahashakti as a manifestation of God, an intelligent power, usually thought of as a merciful power, a caring power, a loving power, therefore, it’s called Mother.

Also, since we reflect the qualities of what we pay attention to, people will begin to manifest the qualities of the forms of God they worship. And because of our inner temperament we will naturally gravitate towards one concept of God or another, because in them are the qualities that are beneficial for them, so it will help them develop those automatically.

As we grow and evolve, our spiritual inclinations may change, and we should follow our instincts on these things and if there’s no instinct, we shouldn’t force ourselves.

This is a short summary of some of the points covered in this podcast. Listen to learn much more.

This podcast is just over 13:24 minutes long. If you do not see the podcast player above (it won’t show in emails), you can listen here: What Is Mahashakti?

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