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Podcast (and Video): Saviors, or Personal Responsibility?

Saviors, or Personal Responsibility?

Today, we share both an audio podcast and a video podcast made from a recent Zoom Satsang with Swami Nirmalananda (Abbot George Burke).

In this podcast, Swami Nirmalananda answers the question, “Can you talk about how Jesus is the Savior, knowing that our liberation is our personal responsibility?”

First, he talks about what a Savior is, and what they do. And he speaks about our own personal responsibility for our own spiritual welfare and advancement.

Among the stories he tells are:

  • The Greek elder and the surprising response he gave to someone asking for his prayers.
  • The remarkable healings he witnessed.
  • Different Saviors and the effects they had.
  • His experience with Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, including the story of the woman who wanted to clean her glasses with his clothes.
  • The unusual changes in appearance of Anandamay Ma.

If you don’t see the podcast above (it won’t show in emails), here is a direct link to the Podcast: Saviors, or Personal Responsibility?. The Podcast is just under 21 minutes long.

YouTube Video:

Further Listening and Watching:

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